2004 Service Calls

8802004-12-3118:35Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E6,C13295 Ella Grasso Tpke, Winchester Industr
8792004-12-3017:55Vehicle FireElectrical ProblemE3,C13128 Spring Street
8782004-12-2923:26Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1165 Ella Grasso Tpke, Homewood Suites
8772004-12-2921:40Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE3,C12,E13891 N at Exit 42
8762004-12-2910:01Mutual AidAircraft EmergencyE2,C10Bradley Intl Airport, Fire Station One
8752004-12-2813:58Fire AlarmSandblasterE6,T1,E3,C1558 South Elm St, WL High School
8742004-12-2813:28Small Basement FireCaused by TorchE3,T1,E6,C1112 North St, Dr. Zembrowski
8732004-12-262:44Smoke in BasementFurnace ProblemE3,T1,C11480 Ash Drive
8722004-12-2413:08Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE3,C1554 Marshall Rd
8712004-12-2412:23Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE3,T1,E6,C1154 Marshall Rd
8702004-12-248:21Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE3,T1,C112 Northgate Drive, Taylor Rental
8692004-12-2316:22HazmatDEP RespondedE3,E6,UT1,C15Spring Street at Smalley Rd
8682004-12-2314:22Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E6,C1565 Ella Grasso Tpke, Homewood Suites
8672004-12-2221:45Outside FireSmolderingE6,E3,C15Mayrun Rd
8662004-12-2221:32Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE3,T1,E6,C11555 Old County Rd, Honda Plant
8652004-12-229:49Mutual AidHazmatE2,C10Bradley Intl Airport, Terminal A
8642004-12-2116:32Vehicle FireOverheatE3,E6,C12RT 20 E Near Old County Rd
8632004-12-2115:20Fire AlarmBroken PipeE3,C11Ahlstrom Main Mill, Main Street
8622004-12-2110:46CO DetectorFurnace Co. NotifiedE3,C1110 Town Line Road
8612004-12-2021:58Water Flow AlarmMalfunctionE3,T1,C16315 Ella Grasso Tpke, Forward Air
8602004-12-1815:19Odor InvestigationNothing FoundE3,T1,E6,C10110 Dibble Hollow Rd
8592004-12-1716:57Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE2,T1,E3,C1182 Circle Drive
8582004-12-177:50Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E6,E2,C11500 North Street, C&S Wholesale
8572004-12-161:01Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE2,E3,R4,C1580 Ella Grasso Tpke, Airport Shell
8562004-12-1514:55Grass FireExtinguishedE3,C12Veterans Memorial Park, Southwest Ave
8552004-12-1512:29CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3,R4,C1275 Deborah Rd.
8542004-12-143:42Smoke in HouseWood Stove ProblemE3,T1,E6,C1165 Smalley Rd.
8532004-12-1315:58MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4RT 75
8522004-12-1221:31Furnace ProblemFurnace Co. NotifiedE3,C117 George Rd
8512004-12-0913:39Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE3,E2RT 140 Bridge
8502004-12-0611:56Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE3,C1354 Marshall Rd
8492004-12-059:36Power OutageCL&P NotifiedE3,R4,C16Maple Ave
8482004-12-0423:34MVAFluids on GroundE2,R4,C10Main St at WL Commons
8472004-12-049:40Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE2,T1,C14Acme Auto, Elm Street
8462004-12-0215:45MVAExtricationE3,R4,C15RT 75 at Corporate Drive
8452004-11-3013:15Fire AlarmPull StationE3,T1,C1221 Spring St
8442004-11-3011:50Wires DownCL&P NotifiedE3,E2,C11Jackson Street at Denslow Street
8432004-11-308:49HazmatDEP RespondedE3,R4,C1110 Main St, US Postal Service
8422004-11-2919:51MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,C16RT 75 in front of DHL
8412004-11-2918:28MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,E6,C13RT 75 at North Street
8402004-11-2815:06HazmatGasoline SpillE3,C1111 Schoepoester Rd, Bradley Teletheater
8392004-11-275:29Assist PDThermal CamerasR4,C16Hamilton Rd at RT 20
8382004-11-272:58Assist PDHumidity AlarmE3,C1580 Kingspring Rd, Windsor Shade Tobacco
8372004-11-2623:09Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1164 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baymont Inn
8362004-11-2619:27MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,C11RT 75 in front of Albert's Restaurant
8352004-11-268:51Electrical ProblemProblem with Hair DryerE3,C11214 Reed Ave
8342004-11-2514:46Fire AlarmFood on StoveE3,C1226 Preston Rd
8332004-11-2410:41HazmatDiesel Fuel SpillE3,C11Spring Street near Smalley Rd
8322004-11-2117:55Vehicle FireNear the BuildingE3,E6,R4,C10269 Main St, DB Mart
8312004-11-2012:17Brush FireOut on ArrivalE3,E6,C12RT 20 at RT 75
8302004-11-1814:23Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1111 Schoepoester Rd, Bradley Teletheater
8292004-11-1714:49Grass FireFire ExtinguishedE3,E2Veterans Memorial Park, Southwest Ave
8282004-11-1714:43Grass FireOut on ArrivalE358 South Elm St. WL High School
8272004-11-1713:34Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Bradley Bowl
8262004-11-169:28HazmatDOT NotifiedE3,C11Main Street at Spring Street
8252004-11-1514:58Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1150 Chestnut Street
8242004-11-1217:54MVAFluids on GroundE3,C15RT 75 in front of Shell Station
8232004-11-1014:28MVAFluids on GroundE3,R491 N at Exit 42
8222004-11-0915:04Brush FireNear the HouseE3,E2,C1439 Darien Drive
8212004-11-099:57Mutual AidStructure FireE6,C12729 Stone Road, Windsor
8202004-11-093:55Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C112 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
8192004-11-0821:51CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,T1,C10259 North Street
8182004-11-069:14Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE2,E3,R4,T1,C11,WHPAhlstrom's Main Mill, Main St
8172004-11-069:09Gas Stove ProblemGas SecuredE6,T1,C1127 South Main St
8162004-11-068:40Fire AlarmFood on StoveE6,T1,C1321 Spring St
8152004-11-0514:02Wires DownCL&P NotifiedE6,C1228 Dale St
8142004-11-0119:15MVAFluids on GroundE6,R4,C15Ella Graso Tpke at RT20
8132004-11-0116:57Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,E3,E2,C13295 Ella Grasso Tpke, Winchester Indust.
8122004-11-0114:36Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C15225 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baran Institute
8112004-10-3112:14Outside FireOut on ArrivalE6,E3,C11Grove Cemetary, South Main Street
8102004-10-311:43Outside FireOut on ArrivalE2,C10Main Street in front of Ahlstrom
8092004-10-310:30Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE2,T1,E6,C112 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
8082004-10-3018:17Outside FireBon FireE6,C16243 Elm Street
8072004-10-299:30Fire AlarmCancelled EnrouteC1134 Perimeter Rd, CT Fire Academy
8062004-10-2814:46Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,E258 South Elm St, WL High School
8052004-10-2812:26Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,E2,T1,C167 Center St, WL Middle School
8042004-10-275:11Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C113 Churnside Rd, Ahlstrom
8032004-10-2417:37Electrical FireDOT NotifiedE6,R4,E2,C13South Center St at Lawn Acre Rd
8022004-10-2323:41HazmatDEP NotifiedE6,R4,C11Citgo Station, Ella Grasso Tpke
8012004-10-2322:01Gasoline Can FireOut on ArrivalE6,C11124 Southwest Ave, Parking Lot
8002004-10-239:33Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C15North Street School
7992004-10-2223:13MVAFluids on GroundE6,R4,C1035 Ella Grasso Tpke.
7982004-10-2218:25Camp FireInside a BarnE6,E3,C17Szepanski Farm, Acorn Drive
7972004-10-2217:51Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C15225 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baran Institute
7962004-10-2211:38Fire AlarmFood on StoveE6,T1,C111 Foxwood Drive, NE Preschool Academy
7952004-10-2120:56Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C1014 Main St, Bickford's Conv Home
7942004-10-2118:02Smoke in BuildingFurnace ProblemE6,T1,E2,C1117 Smith Street
7932004-10-219:31Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C16516 Spring St, WLFCU
7922004-10-1914:15Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,E2,T1,C1158 South Elm St, WL High School
7912004-10-198:45Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C117 Center St, WL Middle School
7902004-10-1819:24MVAFluids on GroundE6287 Elm Street
7892004-10-1818:21Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,E3,T1,C107 Center St, WL Middle School
7882004-10-1714:05Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C122 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
7872004-10-1712:03Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C1552 Circle Drive
7862004-10-1612:17Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE628 Main St. WL Public Library
7852004-10-1512:21MVAFluids on GroundE6,C15540 Spring Street
7842004-10-1419:25CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,C101 Maple Knoll
7832004-10-1319:03Brush FireLarge PileE6,E2,R4,UT1,C11Old County Rd, Leaf Dump
7822004-10-1315:30Structure FireFire in KitchenE6,T1,E2,R4,C9,C1247 South Main St, Charles Ten Restaurant
7812004-10-1314:16Machinery FireOut on ArrivalE6,T1,E138Ahlstrom Main Mill, Main Street
7802004-10-1314:10Fire AlarmPull StationE628 Main St. WL Public Library
7792004-10-1312:46Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE6,T1,R46 Acorn Drive
7782004-10-1311:20Mutual AidSmoke in BuildingE2,C12Craftsman Rd, E. Windsor, Pitney Bowes
7772004-10-1216:42Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,E3,R4,C104 Industrial Rd, Windsor Marketing Group
7762004-10-1210:10Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E2,C1158 South Elm St, WL High School
7752004-10-124:50CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3,C2489 Spring Street
7742004-10-123:51Smoke in BuildingFurnace ProblemE3,T1,R4,E2,C1173 Andover Rd
7732004-10-1123:01Odor InvestigationNothing FoundE2,T1,E3,C11479 Ash Drive
7722004-10-1020:16Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E2,C124 Northgate, Taylor Rental
7712004-10-0918:00Brush FireNothing FoundE3,E6Old County Rd at Fox Hollow Drive
7702004-10-0720:27Assist PoliceCheck WelfareE3,C13Oakridge Drive
7692004-10-0717:10Fire AlarmFood on StoveE3,T1,C1321 Spring St, Apt A5
7682004-10-0710:11Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C1358 South Elm St, WL High School
7672004-10-062:23Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE2,E3,T1,C11495 North St, Ahlstrom's
7662004-10-047:20MVAFluids on GroundE2,R4,C13Spring St at Smalley Rd
7652004-10-032:13MVAExtricationE3,R4,C17Church St at Main St
7642004-10-023:30Smoke AlarmFood on StoveE3,C1173 Old County Rd, Apt J
7632004-10-0121:02Vehicle FireEngine ProblemE3,E6,C1291 N at Exit 44
7622004-10-0120:26Outside FireCamp FireE3,C12124 South Center St
7612004-10-019:16HazmatDEP NotifiedE3,E6,E2,R4,C1180 Ella Grasso Tpke, Airport Shell
7602004-09-3020:12Fire AlarmPull StationE3,T1,E6,C11287 Elm Street, Bradley Apartments
7592004-09-2911:06Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1134 Old County Rd, Bradley Intl Inn
7582004-09-297:11Electrical ProblemPower IsolatedE2,E3,T1,C11124 Center Street
7572004-09-297:03Odor InvestigationNothing FoundE2,C11Bobby G's, South Main St
7562004-09-295:30MVAFluids on GroundE3.C11Elm Street at RT 75
7552004-09-2814:47MVA2-CarE3,R4,C127 Center St, WL Middle School
7542004-09-2615:03Mutual AidStation StandbyE6,C10Bradley Int'l Airport, Station One
7532004-09-2613:39Trouble AlarmProblem w/ SystemE2,C152 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
7522004-09-2417:22Fire AlarmPull StationE3,E2,C13287 Elm Street, Bradley Apartments
7512004-09-2316:33Mutual AidStation StandbyE2,C15Warehouse Point Station 138
7502004-09-2312:29Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E258 South Elm St, WL High School
7492004-09-2215:29Mutual AidMVA, ExtricationR4,C14RT 75 at Spencer St, Suffield
7482004-09-2212:29Medical AssistLift AssistE3,C14124 Southwest Ave, Apt S25
7472004-09-228:28MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,C14311 Green Manor Terrace
7462004-09-218:50Fire AlarmBurnt ToastE3,C127 Center St, WL Middle School
7452004-09-2020:39Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1364 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baymont Inn
7442004-09-1620:03Medical AssistLift AssistR4,C18124 Southwest Ave, Apt S25
7432004-09-1617:11Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1258 South Elm St, WL High School
7422004-09-1513:47Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C11225 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baran Institute
7412004-09-156:30Assist WL AmbLift AssistE3124 Southwest Ave, Apt S25
7402004-09-1323:12Fire AlarmSprinkler ProblemE3,T1,E6,R4,E138,C1025 Canal Bank Rd, M-Corp
7392004-09-1312:30Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE2,C1558 South Elm St, WL High School
7382004-09-1312:06Dryer FireWorking FireE3,T1,E6,C11Laundromat, WL Commons, 255 Main St
7372004-09-131:24Medical AssistLift AssistR4,C1477 Suffield Street
7362004-09-129:28Smoke from ChimneyWater Heater ProblemE3,T1,E2,C1170 Andover Rd
7352004-09-127:48Vehicle FireFully InvolvedE3,E2,R4,C13RT 20 W prior to Old County Rd
7342004-09-1121:52Kitchen FireOut On ArrivalE3,T1,C1111 Schoephoester Rd, Bradley Teletheater
7332004-09-1119:20HazmatDEP NotifiedE3,R4,C11509 Mulberry Street
7322004-09-119:46Power OutageCL&P NotifiedE3,E6,C11Highland Ave at Reed Ave
7312004-09-0915:08Mutual AidPole and Wires DownE2,C13Wilhelm Rd, East Windsor
7302004-09-0914:36Mutual AidMVA, FoamE2,C13RT 5 at Stoughton Rd, East Windsor
7292004-09-0912:40Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C127 Center St, WL Middle School
7282004-09-0912:10Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E2,T1,C137 Center St, WL Middle School
7272004-09-0911:35Apartment FireFood on StoveE3,T1,E2,C11124 Southwest Ave, Apt N9
7262004-09-0822:46Fire AlarmWater FlowE3,T1,E6,C113 Choice Rd
7252004-09-0812:13CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3.R4,C1162 South Center Street
7242004-09-0810:07Electrical FireKitchen LightE6,E2,R4,T1130 Grove Street
7232004-09-089:08HazmatOil SpillE2Lawn Acre Rd at RT 91
7222004-09-088:22Wires DownCL&P NotifiedE3,R4,E2,E6,C1157 South Center Street
7212004-09-080:50Trouble AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C112 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
7202004-09-0716:58Smell of SmokeProb w/ RefrigeratorE3,E2,T1,C11540 Ash Drive
7192004-09-0713:30Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C113 Choice Rd
7182004-09-0513:36Vehicle FireOut On ArrivalE3,C109 Olive Street
7172004-09-0219:36Stove FireOut On ArrivalE3,C1341 Tracy Circle
7162004-09-028:08Fire AlarmFood on StoveE3,T1,C18247 Reed Ave
7152004-09-0213:29HazmatDiesel Fuel SpillE2,R4,C13Spring St near CVS
7142004-09-010:19Utility Pole StruckCL&P NotifiedE2,C115 Ella Grasso Tpke, Ramada Inn
7132004-08-3020:32CO DetectorNothing FoundE3,R4,UT1,C1147 Fairview Street
7122004-08-2515:22HazmatFluids on GroundE3,R4,C35RT 75 at Kingspring Rd
7112004-08-257:20Mutual AidCancelled EnrouteC35Southern Auto Auction, East Windsor
7102004-08-243:21Smoke InvestigationMulch FireE3,T1,E6,R4,C1165 Ella Grasso Tpke, Homewood Suites
7092004-08-236:35MVA2 TT RolloverE3,R4,C11,C15RT 20 E at RT 75
7082004-08-2216:35Smoke InvestigationNothing FoundE3,T1,E2,C1111 Schoephoester Rd, Teletheater
7072004-08-2214:16Smoke InvestigationFurnace ProblemE6,T1,C1522 Helena Lane
7062004-08-2214:11Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE316 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree Hotel
7052004-08-2012:48MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,C9,C35Lawn Acre Rd at Exit 42
7042004-08-200:48Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E2,C1111 Schoephoester Rd, Teletheater
7032004-08-1813:38HazmatOil SpillE3,C12South Main Street, Commuter Lot
7022004-08-1813:02Smoke InvestigationSewer TestingE3,C45Main Street at Chestnut Street
7012004-08-1719:00HazmatAnti-Freeze SpillE3,T1,C10Concorde Landing, Bldg 3
7002004-08-1718:40Smoke in BldgVentilatedE3,T1,E6,R4,C10Concorde Landing, Bldg 3
6992004-08-177:34Smoke in BasementElecrtical FireE3,T1,E2,C1220 Spring St, SBC
6982004-08-170:54MVAFluids on GroundE2,C15RT 75 at RT 20
6972004-08-167:30HazmatDEP RespondedE3,R4,C11295 Ella Grasso Tpke, Airborne Express
6962004-08-161:47Fire AlarmWater FlowE3,T1,E2,E6,C1025 Canal Bank Rd, M-Corp
6952004-08-1519:38Vehicle FireEngine ProblemE3,C4591 S prior to Exit 41
6942004-08-1517:19Truck into BuildingBldg Insp RespondedE3,R4,C1170 Kingspring Rd, AFS Construction
6932004-08-1511:37Trouble AlarmFalse AlarmE2,E3,UT1,C122 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
6922004-08-1511:09Tree on WiresCL&P NotifiedE3,R4,C119 Olive Street
6912004-08-153:37Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1155 Grove Street, Apt 106
6902004-08-1312:04Man Pinned Under CarExtricatedE3,R4,UT1,C1215 South Street
6892004-08-1219:49Smoke from ChimneyFurnace ProblemE3,T1,C1193 Raymond Rd
6882004-08-1218:52HazmatVehicle Leaking GasE3,C116 Frances Lane
6872004-08-1212:34Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE3,T1,E2,UT1,C12500 North Street, C&S Wholesale
6862004-08-1210:14Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C11411 Reed Ave
6852004-08-1112:43Vehicle FireOverheatE3,E2,R4,C1291 S near Exit 40
6842004-08-1014:41MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,C11South Street at Second Street
6832004-08-1013:48HazmatGasoline SpillE3,R4,C1177 Ella Grasso Tpke
6822004-08-1010:40Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C11383 South Center Street
6812004-08-0822:46HazmatVehicle Leaking GasE2,C10Roncari Express Valet Parking
6802004-08-0819:39Smoke from ChimneyFire in FireplaceE3,C1080 Spring Street
6792004-08-0717:18MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,C45Spring St at West St
6782004-08-045:29Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E2,C11Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main Street
6772004-08-0220:17Assist PDMVA LightingR4,C15Southwest Ave at Southwest Park
6762004-08-0219:11Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE6,T1,E2,C1125 Canal Bank Rd, M-Corp
6752004-08-024:06Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE2,C1469 Dibble Hollow Rd.
6742004-08-021:15Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C1469 Dibble Hollow Rd.
6732004-08-018:33Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C1711 Schoephoester Rd, Teletheater
6722004-07-3121:08Brush FireExtinguishedE6,E3,R4,C12,PoqOld County Rd, Leaf Dump
6712004-07-3119:16Smoke in BldgHVAC UnitE6,T1,E2,E3,C112 Elm Street, Ahlstrom
6702004-07-3116:37Mulch FireExtinguishedE6,C46Smalley Rd at Reed Ave
6692004-07-3019:26Outside FireExtinguishedE6309 South Elm Street
6682004-07-295:04Mutual AidStandbyE2,C15Warehouse Point Station 138
6672004-07-2821:33Dumpster FireExtinguishedE6,E3,E2,C1458 South Elm St, WL High School
6662004-07-2710:50HazmatDEP RespondedE6,C12Pesci Park, Center Street
6652004-07-2610:30Mutual AidStandbyE3Warehouse Point Station 138
6642004-07-2610:22Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C126 National Drive, National Bank Suffield
6632004-07-2521:02Outside FireExtinguishedE2,C14LinSal Street
6622004-07-2520:37MVACancelled EnrouteE2,C1491 N north of Exit 42
6612004-07-257:47MVACancelled EnrouteC12Actual Location in Windsor
6602004-07-249:35Trouble AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C112 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
6592004-07-248:27Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE2,C17225 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baran Institute
6582004-07-248:27Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C132 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
6572004-07-2317:45Fire AlarmPower OutageE3,C18225 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baran Institute
6562004-07-2317:42Wires DownCL&P NotifiedE6,R4,E3,C17430 Elm Street
6552004-07-2221:31Outside FireNothing FoundE6,C11North Street near North St School
6542004-07-2118:25Dumpster FireExtinguishedE6,C13383 South Center St
6532004-07-2115:08Utility Pole FireCL&P NotifiedE6,R4,C12304 Old County Rd
6522004-07-2111:15Utility Pole FireCL&P NotifiedE6,C12304 Old County Rd
6512004-07-2016:55MVAFluids on GroundE6,R4,C11Spring St at St Mary's Drive
6502004-07-2015:13Assist WL AmbLift AssistE6124 Southwest Ave, Apt S25
6492004-07-2014:12Outside FireOut on ArrivalE6,E3,C14Maple Ave, Maple Knoll
6482004-07-1918:40Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE6,C1391 N near Exit 40
6472004-07-1622:07Dumpster FireExtinguishedE6,E2,C15Oak Ridge Drive
6462004-07-1521:10Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE6,E3,C1163 Suffield Street
6452004-07-154:13Trouble AlarmNo Problem FoundE6,T1,C1328 Main St, WL Public Library
6442004-07-141:31Fire AlarmFurnace ProblemE6,T1,C16492 Denslow Street
6432004-07-1314:22Mutual AidElectrical FireT1,C1244 Prospect Hill Rd, East Windsor
6422004-07-1214:43Stove FireOut on ArrivalE6,T1,E3,C144 Windwood Drive
6412004-07-119:54Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE3,T1,R4,C115 Pearl Street
6402004-07-111:29Dumpster FireFully InvolvedE6,E3,C17Southwest Ave, Carnival Grounds
6392004-07-110:13Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE6,C1124 Ella Grasso Tpke, Piccolos
6382004-07-109:03CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,C1219 Preston Rd.
6372004-07-0720:13Brush FireRear of SchoolE6,E3,E2South Street School
6362004-07-0617:00Smoke in BldgFood on the StoveE2,T1,C1322 Grove Street, Apt 304
6352004-07-061:02Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C122 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
6342004-07-0513:53Fire AlarmFireworks in BldgE3,T1,E2,C1250 Chestnut Street
6332004-07-0316:31MVAFluids on GroundE3,R4,C11In Front of 124 Center Street
6322004-07-0312:51Assist WL PoliceApt. LockoutE3,C1750 Chestnut Street, Apt 202
6312004-07-0211:39Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE3,C1391S Exit 41 Offramp
6302004-07-028:35Electrical ProblemLightening StrikeE3,T1,C1228 Marshall Rd
6292004-07-028:22Electrical ProblemLightening StrikeE3,T1,C1241 Marshall Rd
6282004-07-027:33Assist WL AmbLift AssistR4,C1218 Poplar Street
6272004-07-022:49Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1541 Marshall Rd
6262004-07-0123:03Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E211 Concorde Way
6252004-06-2911:20Mutual AidHazmatE6,C44Bradley Int'l Airport, Terminal A
6242004-06-2817:13Stove FireProblem with StoveE2,T1,E3,C12466 Elm Street
6232004-06-2718:48Trouble AlarmSystem ProblemE3,C1358 South Elm St, WL High School
6222004-06-279:33Mutual AidStructure FireT1,C44Mill Pond Village, Broad Brook
6212004-06-277:40MVAFluids on the GroundE3,C15RT 75 at North Street
6202004-06-269:00Wires DownTelephone WiresE2,E3,C1280 Pershing Rd
6192004-06-2523:04Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E2,C122 Loten Dr, Fairfield Inn
6182004-06-2321:41Trouble AlarmPower OutageE3,C1158 South Elm St, WL High School
6172004-06-2318:23HazmatVehicle Leaking GasE3,R4,C11395 Ella Grasso Tpke, Dairy Cream
6162004-06-2223:25HazmatBroken Freon LineE3,R4,C12131 Old County Rd
6152004-06-228:19Smoke in BuildingFood on the StoveE3,E6,T1,C1250 Chestnut Street
6142004-06-226:51Smoke InvestigationFurnace ProblemE3,C11184 Grove Street
6132004-06-2116:36Mulch FireExtinguishedE3,C1328 Main St, WL Public Library
6122004-06-2112:40HazmatDEP RespondedE3,E2,R4,C12Suffield St at Hickory St.
6112004-06-2111:59Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E6,C123 Churnside Rd, Ahlstrom
6102004-06-2021:24Electrical ProblemProblem with ComputerE3,T1,E6,C11151 Spring Street
6092004-06-2013:42Outside FireBarbecueE3,C1115 Poplar Street
6082004-06-185:39Fire AlarmTrouble AlarmE3,T1,C122 Loten Dr, Fairfield Inn
6072004-06-1521:18HazmatDEP RespondedE2,R4,C12315 Ella Grasso, Rapid Express
6062004-06-1423:12Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1314 Main St, Bickfords Convalescent Home
6052004-06-1415:01Mutual AidAircraft EmergencyE2,C14Bradley Fire Station One
6042004-06-147:32CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3,C1554B Elm Corners
6032004-06-146:50Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C15128 Spring St
6022004-06-1215:51HazmatMotor Oil In RoadE3,R4,C13Spring St from Scata's to DB Mart
6012004-06-1113:36Wires DownCL&P NotifiedE3Barbara Dr at Sadler St
6002004-06-106:43Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1314 Main St, Bickfords Convalescent Home
5992004-06-0921:45MVARollover, Multiple InjuriesE2,R4,E3,C13RT 20 Ramp to 91 North
5982004-06-0919:12Mutual AidStructure FireE6437 Russell Ave, Suffield
5972004-06-0915:01Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1358 South Elm St, WL High School
5962004-06-096:26Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E6,C123 Churnside Rd, Ahlstrom
5952004-06-0820:47Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E6,E2,C1258 South Elm St, WL High School
5942004-06-0818:59Electrical ProblemCL&P NotifiedE3,C1663 Dove Court
5932004-06-0816:55MVAExtricationE3,R4,C12Halfway House Rd at Old County Rd
5922004-06-0721:57CO ProblemNothing FoundE3,R4,C1148 Dickerman Ave
5912004-06-0718:23Outside FireExtinguishedE3,C1269 Greenfield Dr
5902004-06-0717:34Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C12Ocean State Job Lot, Main St
5892004-06-0620:22RescueParty Fell into CanalR4,C11Main St near Train Station
5882004-06-0515:33Smoke in HousePlastic on StoveE3,T1,C134 Vadnais Street
5872004-06-0415:03Vehicle FireFully InvolvedE3,E6,BDL,C12Perimeter Rd at Light Lane
5862004-06-0319:37Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE3,T1,E6,C12555 Old County Rd, Honda Plant
5852004-06-0312:38Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1564 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baymont Inn
5842004-06-0121:22Outside FireControlled BurnE3,E6,R4,C1227 Pearl St
5832004-05-3120:10Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE6,C1433 Fox Hollow Drive
5822004-05-3119:45Brush FireLarge PileE3,E6,R4,C12Old County Rd, Leaf Dump
5812004-05-2815:28Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C142 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
5802004-05-2813:23HazmatGasoline SpillE3,C164 Volunteer Drive, Police Department
5792004-05-2720:53Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E6,R4,C12Baymont Inn, Ella Grasso Tpke
5782004-05-2719:55Vehicle FireEngine ProblemE3,C12Cornwall Dr. at Halfway House Rd.
5772004-05-271:20Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C11495 North St, Ahlstrom
5762004-05-2613:02Dumpster FireExtingusihedE3,E2,C1355 Grove Street
5752004-05-267:19Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1316 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree Hotel
5742004-05-2421:07HazmatSubstance FoundE3,R4,C1118 Cannon Street
5732004-05-2321:31Fire AlarmPull StationE3,T1,E2,C1265 Ella Grasso Tpke, Homewood Suites
5722004-05-2216:07Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C13129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Bradley Bowl
5712004-05-213:14Trash Can FireOut on ArrivalE3,C1725 Elm Corners
5702004-05-2015:20Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1416 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree Hotel
5692004-05-2014:13Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E2,T1,C1516 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree Hotel
5682004-05-2011:30Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C1216 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree Hotel
5672004-05-2010:10Vehicle FireDump Truck Fully InvolvedE3,C14,WHPFD91 N north of DC Bridge
5662004-05-197:08Propane LeakNothing FoundE6,R4,E2,C12136 Old County Rd
5652004-05-196:18Brush FireRe-KindleE3,E6,C16Old County Rd, Leaf Dump
5642004-05-1820:36Brush FireLarge PileE3,E6,E2,R4,T1,UT1,C12Old County Rd, Leaf Dump
5632004-05-1816:34Vehicle FireFully InvolvedE3,E6,R4,C12RT 75 at Halfway House Rd
5622004-05-187:32MVAFluids on the GroundE3,R4,C16RT 75 at KFC
5612004-05-178:29Lift AssistNo Medical ProblemE3,C16124 Southwest Ave, Apt S25
5602004-05-1517:33Brush FireOut on ArrivalE3,C14National Drive
5592004-05-1510:54Natural Gas LeakNothing FoundE3,E6,R4,C14Area of 6 Gaylord Street
5582004-05-158:47Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1214 Main St, Bickfords Convalescent Home
5572004-05-149:25Vehicle FireTire ChangerE3,E6,C1491 N near DC Bridge
5562004-05-143:47Dumpster FireExtingusihedE3,R450 Chestnut Street
5552004-05-1310:43Elevator AlarmNothing FoundE3,C147 Center St, WL Middle School
5542004-05-138:32CO DetectorNothing FoundE3,R4,C135 Alma Drive
5532004-05-1120:40Dumpster FireRear of BuildingE3,C1358 South Elm St, WL High School
5522004-05-1117:37MVAFluids on the GroundE3,R4,C13Main St at Spring St
5512004-05-1116:28Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E2,C13500 North St, C&S Wholesale
5502004-05-1016:39Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE2,E3,C1391 South at Exit 41
5492004-05-0814:03Dumpster FireExtingusihedE3,E64 Volunteer Drive, Police Department
5482004-05-0719:02Gas Grill FireIn the Rear of BuildingE3,R4,C11277 Elm St, Bradley Apartments
5472004-05-0718:18InvestigationUnmanned Boat in RiverE3,R4,C11CT River near DC Bridge
5462004-05-074:16Electrical FireElectrical RoomE3,T1,E2,R4,E138,C13Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main Street
5452004-05-0623:55Fire AlarmFood on StoveE3,T1,E6,R4,C1121 Spring St, Apt C4
5442004-05-0514:34Damaged Utility PoleCL&P NotifiedE3,R4,C13Spring St at Center St
5432004-05-034:07Electrical FireElectrical RoomE3,T1,R4,C12,E138Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main Street
5422004-05-0215:41Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E2,C12383 South Center St, Bradley Plaza Hotel
5412004-04-2914:56MVAFluids on GroundE3,C17Old County Rd
5402004-04-287:42CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3,R4,C147 Concorde Way, Apt A2
5392004-04-287:14Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE37 Cannon St
5382004-04-2620:31Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E6,R4,E138,C12Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main St
5372004-04-269:01MVA1 Car RolloverE3,R4,C17RT 20 W at I-91
5362004-04-263:37Mutual AidStation StandbyE3,C15Hayden Station, Windsor
5352004-04-2420:41Elevator RescueParty RescuedR4,C11266 Main St, Country Side Apartments
5342004-04-2314:17Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E6,C1428 Main St, WL Public Library
5332004-04-238:01Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1320 Main St., Ocean State Job Lot
5322004-04-233:36MVACar into a HouseE3,R4,C1371 Spring St
5312004-04-2023:01Elevator RescueParty RescuedR4,C12266 Main St, Country Side Apartments
5302004-04-2010:59Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,E6,C1234 Old County Rd, Bradley Int'l Inn
5292004-04-1919:36Brush FireBrush and Wood FenceE3,E6125 Taft Rd
5282004-04-191:29CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,C12486 Halfway House Rd
5272004-04-1615:22MVAFluids on GroundE2,R4,C1391 N at Exit 42
5262004-04-1515:06Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C132 Loten Dr., Fairfield Inn
5252004-04-159:43Fire AlarmSet off by MaintenanceE3,T1,C1158 South Elm St., WL High School
5242004-04-157:17Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C137 Center St. WL Middle School
5232004-04-1217:31Vehicle FireFully InvolvedE6,E2,R4,C12131 Old County Rd
5222004-04-1020:10Brush FireLarge Pile of BrushE6,E3,C12Old County Rd, Town Brush Dump
5212004-04-1017:00Brush FireExtinguishedE6,E2,C13South Main St, Grove Hill Cemetary
5202004-04-1014:32Dumpster Fire30 Yard ContainerE6,E3,E2,C16468 Litchfield Dr.
5192004-04-0912:20Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,R4,C131 Foxwood Dr. N.E.Preschool Academy
5182004-04-0823:00Outside FireExtinguishedE6,E3,C11Fairview Ave, Rear of VFW in the Woods
5172004-04-0711:56Fire AlarmSmell of SmokeE6,T1,E2,C137 Center St. WL Middle School
5162004-04-071:17Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C117 Cannon St
5152004-04-0617:15Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C1120 Spring St, SNET
5142004-04-0611:27Elevator RescueParty RescuedE6,R4,C1313 Grove St
5132004-04-041:05Mutual AidStation StandbyT1,C15Broad Brook Fire Station
5122004-04-0123:36MVAFluids on GroundE6,C13RT 75 in front of Bradley Bowl
5112004-04-0118:42Mutual AidAircraft EmergencyE6,C17Bradley Int'l Airport, Station 1
5102004-03-3116:54Gasoline LeakVehicle TowedE6,C11Old County Rd. Area of Honda Plant
5092004-03-319:59Outside FireBuilding MaterialsE6,C14Szepanski Rd. Construction Area
5082004-03-2915:16People in DistressNo Problem FoundE6,R4,C12CT River Bank North of Rt 140
5072004-03-299:32Mutual AidFire AlarmE3,C13436 Hayden Station Rd, Windsor
5062004-03-283:52Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C11Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main Street
5052004-03-2614:16Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE2,E3,T1,C1458 South Elm St. WL High School
5042004-03-2613:33Utility Pole FireCL&P NotifiedE6,E2,C13Ella Grasso Tpk. at North St.
5032004-03-253:05MVAFluids on GroundE6,C13Coolidge and Green Manor
5022004-03-2416:25Fire AlarmFood on StoveE6,C12124 Southwest Ave.
5012004-03-2318:31Brush FireSmallE6,C1236 West Street Area of Kettle Brook
5002004-03-2316:34Vehicle FireWarehouse Point FDE6,C1391S on the DC Bridge
4992004-03-236:31Smoke InvestigationSteam from Dryer VentE6,T1,C1331 School St
4982004-03-2110:53Mutual AidKitchen FireT1,C1446 Prospect Hill Rd, East Windsor
4972004-03-1922:56HazmatDEP NotifiedE6,R4,C15548 Spring St, Airways Truck Rental
4962004-03-1918:26Vehicle FireEngine CompartmentE6,C1745 Heather Lane
4952004-03-1918:03HazmatDEP NotifiedE2,R4,C11107 Bel Aire Circle
4942004-03-1712:56Assist PDCancelledR44 Volunteer Dr, Police Department
4932004-03-1615:38Vehicle FireIn Attached GarageE3,T1,E6,C12278 South Center Street
4922004-03-1614:06Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C131 Foxwood Dr, NE Preschool Academy
4912004-03-158:21Mutual AidStation StandbyE2,C14Bradley Int'l Airport, Fire Station One
4902004-03-156:31MVAExtricationE2,R4,E6,C11418 Spring St
4892004-03-139:49Mutual AidStation StandbyE3,C15Hayden Station, Windsor
4882004-03-1214:49Smoke from ChimneyFurnace ProblemE6,T1,C1424 Grove Street
4872004-03-1115:50Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE6,C1351 Elm Street
4862004-03-115:37Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE6,E2,C1351 Elm Street
4852004-03-1019:07Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE6,T1,E3,E2,C1151 Elm Street
4842004-03-1012:07Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE2,E6,R4,UT1,C1651 Elm Street
4832004-03-1011:58Propane OdorNothing FoundE6,UT1,C16Elm St. Area of Southwest Ave.
4822004-03-096:39Smoke InvestigationSteam from BoilerE6,T1,E2,E138,C12M-Corp, Canal Bank Rd
4812004-03-0722:05Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E2,C1222 Main St, Ocean State Job Lot
4802004-03-0622:31Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C1158 South Elm St. WL High School
4792004-03-0519:25Outside FireBeing Used for CookingE6,C1261 Elm Corners
4782004-03-0518:44Medical AssistAssist PoliceR4118 Montemerlo Ave
4772004-03-0518:08Fire AlarmFood on StoveE6,C157 Canon Street
4762004-03-0220:56Mulch FireFrom House DemolitionE6,E3,R4,C1651 Elm Street
4752004-03-0216:38Mutual AidStation StandbyE2,C15Warehouse Point Station 138
4742004-02-2717:28Water Flow AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C15584 North St, Passport Café
4732004-02-2618:37CO DetectorFurnace ProblemE6,C12442 Litchfield Dr
4722004-02-2614:47CO InvestigationNothing FoundE6530 North St
4712004-02-2611:14CO InvestigationNothing FoundE6,C14330 Green Manor Ter
4702004-02-266:01Possible Furnace FireFurnace ProblemE6,T1,E3,L2,C1277 Suffield St
4692004-02-2414:48Odor of SmokeLamp from Reptile CageE6,T1,E3,L2,C12117 Spring St
4682004-02-1915:31Gasoline LeakNothing FoundE6,R4,E2,C13Airport Shell, RT 75
4672004-02-1912:38Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE6,T1,E2,C13555 Old County Rd, Honda Plant
4662004-02-1910:56Odor InvestigationHeating Oil LeakE6,R4,C1316 Anthony St
4652004-02-1718:45Mutual AidStructure FireE2,T1,C11900 High Path Rd, Windsor
4642004-02-1517:08Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C16Skyline Restaurant, Ella Grasso Tpke
4632004-02-1313:25Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas NotifiedE2,R4,UT1,C12128 Spring St
4622004-02-1122:46MVAFluids on GroundE6,R4,C1391N on Dexter Coffin Bridge
4612004-02-1110:17Mutual AidSmoke in BuildingE3,C14Standard Parking, Bradley Int'l Airport
4602004-02-097:20CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,C1211 Dibble Hollow Rd
4592004-02-0620:39Water ProblemRun OffE6,R4,C1542 Spring St, St Mary's Parish
4582004-02-0618:59CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,R4,C13176 Old County Rd
4572004-02-0615:25Odor of SmokeTransformerE6,T1,E2,C1218 Lin Sal
4562004-02-0614:16Water ProblemRun OffE6,R4,C1252 South Center St
4552004-02-0418:47MVAFluids on GroundE2,R4,C12Halfway House Rd at 7-11
4542004-02-0317:34Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C132 Loten Drive, Fairfield Inn
4532004-02-0313:52MVAFluids on GroundE6,C14RT 75 at KFC
4522004-02-0212:09Machine FireHeavy Smoke In BldgE2,T1,E138,T138,C12Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main St
4512004-02-029:51Water ProblemLeaking PipeE2,C1224 Suffield St
4502004-02-027:33MVAExtricationE2.R4,C12South Elm St at Green Manor
4492004-02-022:18Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C1358 South Elm St. WL High School
4482004-01-2918:38Odor InvestigationFan MotorE2,T1,C1345 Suffield St
4472004-01-2914:56Hydraulic LeakGarbage TruckE6,C14In Front of 111 Sunset
4462004-01-291:18Natural Gas OdorYankee Gas NotifiedE2,T1,E6,C16Elm St at Old County Rd
4452004-01-289:00Natural Gas OdorYankee Gas NotifiedE6,R4,C12Spring St at Center St
4442004-01-2614:26CO DetectorFalse AlarmE2,R4,C1348 Oakridge Drive
4432004-01-2421:18Natural Gas OdorYankee Gas NotifiedE2,T1,E6,C1111 Schoephoester Rd, Bradley Teletheater
4422004-01-232:14Fire AlarmBroken SpinklerE6,T1,C11500 North St, C&S Wholesale
4412004-01-2213:25Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,E2,C142 Churnside Rd, Ahlstrom's
4402004-01-226:44Mutual AidStation StandbyE3,C14Suffield Station 1, Mountain Rd
4392004-01-217:31Toaster Oven FireOut on ArrivalE6,T1,C1227 Whiton St
4382004-01-2022:25CO DetectorFalse AlarmE2,C1478 Dibble Hollow Dr
4372004-01-205:45Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,E3,C1416 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree Hotel
4362004-01-205:25Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,E3,C1216 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree Hotel
4352004-01-1810:37Fire AlarmWater FlowE6,E2,T1,C14Montgomery Building, Canal Bank Rd
4342004-01-1720:26Fire AlarmBroken PipeE6,T1,E2,R4,C1665 Ella Grasso Tpke, Homewood Suites
4332004-01-1714:13Water ProblemBroken PipeR4,C13584 North St, Passport Café
4322004-01-177:48Water ProblemBroken PipeE6,C132 Loten Dr, Fairfield Inn
4312004-01-174:09Water ProblemBroken PipeR4,T1,C152 Industrial Rd, Windsor Marketing Group
4302004-01-173:04CO DetectorFalse AlarmE2,C1517 Briarcliff Dr
4292004-01-170:07Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE138,T138,C13850 Church St, WL Town Hall
4282004-01-1623:28MVAPole and Wires DownE6,R4,E3,UT1,C12Elm St in front of Elm Corners
4272004-01-1618:36Fire AlarmWater in Smoke DetectorE6,T1,E3,C1150 Chestnut St
4262004-01-163:20Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C12100 Old County Circle, Fedex
4252004-01-159:55Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,E2,E138,C13Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main St
4242004-01-159:19CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,C131 Oates Lane
4232004-01-1317:36CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,C1217 Chester Dr
4222004-01-1315:05Fire AlarmPull StationE6,T1,C12125 Old County Rd
4212004-01-1223:40CO DetectorFalse AlarmE2,C1334 School St
4202004-01-128:49Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE6,C1391 South at Exit 41
4192004-01-1112:05Smoke in BuildingFurnace ProblemE6,E2,T1,R4,E138,C12Montgomery Building, Canal Bank Rd
4182004-01-1111:48Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C15496 Spring St, Casey's Market
4172004-01-1110:19Water ProblemBroken PipeE6,R4,C121000 Old County Circle
4162004-01-110:54Mutual AidStation StandbyE6Bradley Fire Station One
4152004-01-1015:09Water ProblemSprinkler ActivationR4,C12255 Main St, WL Commons
4142004-01-1014:14Water ProblemBroken PipeE2,R4,C12496 Spring St, Casey's Market
4132004-01-1013:38Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,C1264 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baymont Inn
4122004-01-1010:32Dumpster FireNo ExtensionE2,C1213 Grove St
4112004-01-0920:24Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,C1264 Ella Grasso Tpke, Baymont Inn
4102004-01-0917:55Gasoline SpillOverfillE2,C15DB Mart, Spring St at RT 75
4092004-01-098:55Fire AlarmSmoke from Motor on RoofE6,T1,E2,C1258 South Elm St, WL High School
4082004-01-091:17Transformer ProblemCL&P NotifiedE2,C15Elm St at Anthony St
4072004-01-091:06CO DetectorFalse AlarmE6,C1211 Lynn Lane
4062004-01-0814:24Mutual AidStation StandbyE2,C14Poquonock Fire Station, RT 75
4052004-01-0812:31Fire AlarmFood on StoveE6,T1129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Bradley Bowl
4042004-01-0810:47House Lock OutFood on StoveE6,C1232 Sherwin Lane
4032004-01-081:33Mutual AidStation StandbyE2,C15Suffield Station 1, Mountain Rd
4022004-01-0720:48Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,E3,E2,R4,E138,C12Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main St
4012004-01-0520:21Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE6,T1,E3,E2,R4,C12500 North St, C&S Wholesale
4002004-01-0418:55Water ProblemIn BasementR4,C12289 Elm St
3992004-01-0411:53Smoke in BuildingHydraulic Oil LeakE6,T1,E3,R4,E138,T138,C12Ahlstrom's Main Mill, Main St
3982004-01-0223:51Brush FireSmall fire near railroad tracksE6,Suffield FD, C11Fairview Ave, behind the VFW