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2021 Service Calls

76972021-12-3101:06MVACar vs PoleE5,R4,C10161 Spring St
76952021-12-3017:00Fire AlarmFalse Alarm13 Grove St, Unit 205
76932021-12-3006:59Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E3,C12325 North St, North Street School
76922021-12-2916:40CO DetectorFalse Alarm7 Woodridge Dr
76912021-12-2710:21Assist PDResidential LockoutE3,C1,C1224 Ellis St
76902021-12-2516:55Fire AlarmFalse Alarm53 Fox Hollow Dr
76892021-12-2413:30Fire AlarmFalse Alarm78 Oak Ridge Dr
76882021-12-2121:27Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C13106 Ella Grasso, Skyline
76872021-12-2113:44Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C11110 Old County Circle
76862021-12-2009:58MVA91N at Exit 44
76852021-12-1720:52Odor Investigation32 Woodridge Dr
76842021-12-1700:05Fire AlarmFalse Alarm55 Grove St
76832021-12-1616:28Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C1198 Center St
76822021-12-1616:19Transformer ExplosionEversource RespondedE3,E5,C13261 Elm St
76812021-12-1614:06Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3325 North St, North Street School
76802021-12-1408:03MVAFluids on GroundE358 South Elm St
76792021-12-1221:44Fire AlarmE3,T1,E5,C11600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
76782021-12-1219:47Oven FireOut on ArrivalE3,T1,E5,C1123 Dickerman Ave
76772021-12-1200:41MVA1 CarE3,R4,C1091 S at Exit 42
76762021-12-1200:33Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C13111 Dibble Hollow Rd
76752021-12-0912:56Fire AlarmFalse Alarm100 D Neil Hagen Dr, Serta
76742021-12-0511:59Fire Alarm46 Acorn Dr
76722021-12-0400:54Assist CitizenForcible Entry225 Ella Grasso, Springhill Suites
76732021-12-0413:49Outside Fire159 Old County Rd
76712021-12-0313:09CO Detector202 Reed Ave
76702021-12-0221:27EMS AssistDriver46 Elm St
76692021-11-2913:29MVARollover91 S at Exit 42
76682021-11-2622:17Mutual AidStation StandbyE5,C16Poquonock Station, Windsor
76672021-11-2617:00Odor of Natural GasEversource RespondedE3,T1,C1151 John St
76662021-11-2510:32Fire AlarmFood on StoveE3,T1,E5,C1055 Grove St
76652021-11-2419:53Odor of Natural GasE3,T180 Center St
76642021-11-2416:49Fire AlarmFalse Alarm11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
76632021-11-2408:20Wires DownE36 Fern St
76622021-11-2401:03CO DetectorE3167 Spring St
76612021-11-2400:28Fire AlarmElectrical FireE3,E5,T1,C11129 Ella Grasso, SpareTime
76602021-11-2313:31MVAFluids on Ground91 N at Exit 42
76592021-11-2310:46Wires Down10 Pine Dr
76582021-11-2305:55CO DetectorFalse Alarm3 Dibble Hollow
76572021-11-2207:56Mutual AidStructure FireE51 Firestone Dr, Suffield
76562021-11-2000:01CO Detector5 Gaylord Rd
76552021-11-1623:06Fire AlarmFalse AlatmE3,T1,E5,C1258 South Elm, WLHS
76542021-11-1622:13Stove FireOut on ArrivalE3,T1,E5,C11550 Old County Rd, Stonebrook
76532021-11-1605:12Fire AlarmFalse Alarm64 Ella Grasso Tpke, La Quinta Inn
76522021-11-1600:35Dumpster FireExtinguished11 Canal Bank Rd
76512021-11-1512:21Fire AlarmFalse Alarm229 Old County Rd
76502021-11-1508:54CO DetectorFalse Alarm22-24 Maple Ave
76492021-11-1412:05Smoke InvestigationOutside FireE3303 Elm St
76482021-11-1317:04Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1180 King Spring Rd, Seko
76472021-11-1315:26Stove FireOut on ArrivalE3,T1,E5,C1125 Canal Bank, Montgomery Apt 229
76462021-11-1313:30MVAFluids On GroundE3,C15Elm St at West St
76452021-11-1300:24Mutual AidStation StandbyE5,C16Warehouse Point Station
76442021-11-1211:02Fire AlarmFalse Alarm516 Spring St, WLFCU
76432021-11-1109:53Assist PDHouse Lockout2 Concorde Landing, Apt 2A
76422021-11-0412:27Fire AlarmFalse Alarm100 D Neal Hagen Dr, Serta
76412021-11-0403:33CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3,C11266 Main St, Apt 216
76402021-11-0402:09Odor of Natural GasFurnace Problem16 Suffield St
76392021-11-0202:34Electrical ProblemPower SecuredE3,C11100 King Spring Rd, C&S
76382021-11-0120:05Chimney FireBirds NestE3,T1,E5,C11389 Elm St
76372021-11-0115:15Outside FireE5,C11Deborah Rd
76362021-11-0108:27Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C1,C1211 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
76352021-10-3123:46Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE5,T1,E138,C1111 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
76342021-10-3022:05CO Detector20 Reed Court
76332021-10-2820:07CO DetectorNothing FoundE3,T1,C11277 North St
76322021-10-2617:24MVACar vs PoleE3,R4,C11431 Halfway House Rd
76312021-10-2616:48Outside FireFire PitE3,C11220 Southwest Ave
76302021-10-2522:11Assist EMSForcible EntryE3,C13280 Mary Webb
76292021-10-2517:04Assist CitizenResidential Lockout342 Green Manor Terrace
76282021-10-2217:43Vehicle FireRT 75 at Elm St, Dunkin
76272021-10-2115:23Fire Alarm55 Grove St
76262021-10-1923:21Fire AlarmFalse Alarm24 Dexter Rd
76252021-10-1906:04Mutual AidStation StandbyWindsor FD #4, Basswood Rd
76242021-10-1823:47CO DetectorFalse Alarm29 Fairfield Dr
76232021-10-1818:22Assist PDCanceled EnrouteC11102 Spring St
76222021-10-1816:06Assist EMSDriver for Medic-1106 Ella Grasso, Skyline
76212021-10-1811:09Smoke InvestigationE3,C1,C1212 Tinker Dr
76202021-10-1614:19EMS AssistDriver for Medic-1C1714 Main St, Bickford
76192021-10-1516:26Odor of Natural GasAppliance SecuredE3,C1147 Deborah Rd
76182021-10-0914:06Trash Can FireExtinguished39 Woodland St
76172021-10-082:00Fire AlarmFalse Alarm100 D Neil Hagen Dr, Serta
76162021-10-0717:29Fire AlarmFalse Alarm118 Orchard Hill Dr
76152021-10-070:56Odor InvestigationOutside51 Whiton St
76142021-10-0618:48Fire AlarmFalse Alarm125 Old County Rd, Apt A10
76132021-10-0418:42HazmatDEEP RespondedE3,R4,C11107 Ella Grasso, Mobile
76122021-10-0215:40Mutual AidMVA91 N at Exit 44
76112021-10-021:11Fire AlarmFalse Alarm100 D Neil Hagen Dr, Serta
76102021-10-0117:39EMS AssistLift Assist497 Denslow St
76092021-09-3017:41Fire AlarmSmoking in BasementE3,T1,C1155 Grove St
76072021-09-257:58MVARolloverE3,R4,C1391 N at Exit 40
76082021-09-2519:10Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C11129 Ella Grasso, Spare Time
76062021-09-2313:30Fire AlarmFalse Alarm295 Ella Grasso Tpke
76052021-09-2218:23Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C113 National Dr, Motel 6
76042021-09-2212:03Fire AlarmFalse Alarm70 Ella Grasso, Popeyes
76032021-09-2117:56Vehicle FireExtinguished91 S at Exit 40
76022021-09-2020:13MVACar vs TreeRT 20 W at Hamilton Rd
76012021-09-1918:12HazmatRadon Detector12 Windwood Dr
75992021-09-129:20EMS Assist285 Elm St, Apt B3
76002021-09-1115:29Lawn Mower FireExtinguishedE3,E5,C1022 Pearl St
75952021-09-079:22CO DetectorFalse Alarm11 Tinker Dr
75982021-09-0712:06Mutual AidMVA91 S at Exit 44
75972021-09-0711:40Outside FireExtinguished26 Whiton St
75962021-09-0710:29Fire AlarmFalse Alarm65 Ella Grasso, Homewood Suites
75942021-09-062:40Wires ArchingEversource Notified6 Industrial Rd
75932021-09-0420:00Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C11125 Old County Rd
75922021-09-0418:36Water in BasementPumped OutR4,C17176 Spring St
75912021-09-039:43Water in BasementPumped OutR4,C118 Lownds Dr
75902021-09-039:33Water in BasementPumped OutR4,C1124 Pearl St
75892021-09-032:40HazmatFuel Spill61 South Main St, Citgo
75832021-09-029:50Water in BasementPumped OutR4,C1135 BelAir Circle
75822021-09-028:57Water in Basement22 Maple Ave
75882021-09-0218:46Structure FireBasement FireE3,T1,E5,R4,BDL E84 Cherry St
75872021-09-0214:30Fire AlarmFalse Alarm3 National Dr, Motel 6
75862021-09-0213:04Fire AlarmFalse Alarm3 National Dr, Motel 6
75852021-09-0211:23Water in Basement92 North Main St
75842021-09-0210:49Water in Basement7 Fairfield Dr
75812021-09-021:50Water in BasementR4,C175 Druid St
75802021-09-021:39Water in BasementPumped OutR4,C1739 Briarcliff Dr
75792021-09-020:56Water in BasementR4,C1792 North Main St
75772021-08-302:57Assist State PoliceScene Management91 N at Exit 42
75782021-08-3015:40Fire AlarmFalse Alarm149 Ella Grasso, Candlewood Suites
75742021-08-287:47Fire AlarmFalse Alarm7 Center St, WL Middle School
75762021-08-2813:32Wires DownEversource NotifiedRT 75 at North St
75752021-08-2813:21Fire AlarmFalse Alarm516 Spring St, WLFCU
75732021-08-262:48EMS AssistLift Assist21 Spring St
75722021-08-2415:50Water in BasementPumped OutR4,C1112 Town Line Rd
75682021-08-238:53Transformer ExplosionEversource Notified23 Webb St
75672021-08-237:28Fire Alarm2 Szepanski Rd
75662021-08-237:22Transformer FireSouth Main St at Stanton Rd
75712021-08-2315:59Elevator Problem25 Montgomery Mill Apts
75702021-08-2313:43HazmatE3,C101 Suffield St
75692021-08-2312:38Fire AlarmBroken PipeE3,C11100 D Neil Hagen Dr, Serta
75652021-08-2218:25Wires DownEversource NotifiedE3,C1145 Jackson St
75642021-08-2120:14Fire AlarmSmoke MachineE3,T1,C11129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Spare Time
75632021-08-2112:13Propane LeakPropane Secured19 Marshall Rd
75612021-08-199:34Water Problem25 Ross Way
75602021-08-198:36Water in Basement51 Ross Way
75592021-08-198:32Water RescueParty Trapped in VehicleSpring St at West St
75582021-08-197:30Fire AlarmFalse Alarm16 Ella Grasso, Double Tree
75622021-08-1912:03Wires Down287 Green Manor Terrace
75542021-08-187:35MVAFluids on GroundElm St at Main St
75532021-08-185:05Fire AlarmFalse Alarm492 Spring St, H&M Grinder
75572021-08-1823:35Oven SparkingE3,C1794 North Main St
75562021-08-1818:19CO ProblemEversource RespondedE2,T1,E5,C112 James St
75552021-08-1818:18Vehicle FireExtinguishedE3,E5,C1391 N at DC Bridge
75522021-08-1618:00Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,E5,C1380 King Spring Rd
75512021-08-1610:17CO Detector184 South Elm St
75502021-08-1511:37Vehicle FireRT 20 W near RT 75
75492021-08-144:34Electrical ProblemBuilding Maintenance RespondingE3,T1,S238,BDLE9,C1125 Canal Bank Rd, Montgomery Mill
75482021-08-142:39Mutual AidStructure FireR4,C1416 Wyncairne Dr, East Granby
75472021-08-132:51Lightning StrikeElectrical Problem72 Smalley Rd
75462021-08-118:20EMS AssistLift Assist266 Main St, Apt 118
75452021-08-110:19Fire Alarm5 Village Ln
75442021-08-0913:31Possible Structure FireBuilding Insp RequestedE3,E5,E138,C1,C12255 Main St
75432021-08-0612:58Fire AlarmFalse Alarm129 Ella Grasso, Spare Time
75422021-08-0522:43Fire Alarm25 Canal Bank Rd, Apt 326
75412021-08-0514:28MVAFluids on GroundE5RT 75 at North St
75402021-08-036:48Fire AlarmFalse Alarm325 North St, North St School
75372021-08-028:30Mutual AidMVA91 N at Exit 44
75392021-08-0215:19Mutual AidStation StandbyE3Warehouse Point Station 138
75382021-08-0213:41Odor of Natural GasE5,T1,C1020 Main St, Family Dollar
75352021-08-017:39Elevator Rescue25 Canal Bank Rd, Montgomery
75362021-08-0114:31Smoke AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C1168 Main St, Apt A3
75332021-07-298:49Fire Alarm124 Southwest Ave
75342021-07-2916:14MVACar vs BuildingE5,C1989 Oak Ridge Dr
75322021-07-291:35Fire AlarmFalse Alarm195 Ella Grasso, McDonalds
75312021-07-2712:36Fire AlarmFalse Alarm118 Orchard Hill Rd
75302021-07-2619:28Wires DownSuffield St at Olive St
75292021-07-2615:30Odor InvestigationWild Fire Haze 180 Spring St
75282021-07-2520:41Fire AlarmFalse Alarm29 Thomas St
75272021-07-2317:08Fire AlarmFalse Alarm80 King Spring Rd
75242021-07-229:29Water in BasementPumped Out134 Sunset St
75262021-07-2223:53Water Problem287 Elm St, Apt A9
75252021-07-2215:13Odor of Natural Gas27 Meg Way
75232021-07-2112:02Odor of Natural Gas43 John St
75222021-07-2021:59MVARollover91 S at Exit 44
75212021-07-2020:20Odor of Natural Gas135 Montemerlo Ave
75202021-07-2014:53MVANothing NeededE3,C1391 N at DC Bridge
75192021-07-2013:52Wires Down10 Briarcliff Dr
75182021-07-2013:06Party in WaterNothing FoundC11140 Bridge at CT River
75172021-07-1812:20Fire Alarm21 Spring St
75162021-07-181:53Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C17225 Main St
75152021-07-1713:52Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1911 Second St
75122021-07-144:54Mutual AidStructure FireR43 Randall Dr, East Granby
75142021-07-1420:32Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1,C11126 Spring St
75132021-07-1412:38Fire Alarm462 Halfway House Rd
75112021-07-114:04Fire AlarmFalse Alarm36 Jackson St
75102021-07-112:24Fire AlarmFalse Alarm225 Ella Grasso, Springhill Suites
75092021-07-0921:11Fire AlarmFalse Alarm55 Grove St
75082021-07-0916:21Wires Down12 Dexter Rd
75072021-07-0822:44Fire AlarmFalse Alarm55 Grove St
75062021-07-0816:50Tree and Wires Down17 Ledyard Rd
75052021-07-0814:41Wires DownEversource Notified279 Elm St, Bradley Apts
75042021-07-0810:04Wires DownEversource Notified482 Halfway House Rd
75032021-07-0721:26Pole and Wires BurningEversource Notified9 First Street
75022021-07-0719:18Fire AlarmFalse Alarm516 Spring St, WLFCU
75012021-07-0717:11Fire AlarmFalse Alarm293 Ella Grasso, Iron Mountain
75002021-07-0713:57CO Detector3 National Dr, Motel 6
74992021-07-0621:00Fire Alarm252 Reed Ave
74982021-07-0620:47Mutual AidStation StandbyPoquonock Station, Windsor
74972021-07-0617:18Fire AlarmFalse Alarm9 First Street
74952021-07-0616:51Fire AlarmFalse Alarm293 Ella Grasso, Iron Mountain
74962021-07-0616:51Fire AlarmFalse Alarm516 Spring St, WLFCU
74942021-07-0511:01Fire Alarm600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
74932021-07-0411:11Fire AlarmFalse Alarm516 Spring St, WLFCU
74922021-07-0411:08Fire AlarmFalse Alarm293 Ella Grasso, Iron Mountain
74902021-07-026:59MVAExtrication 91 N at Exit 42
74912021-07-0212:42MVASpring St at Smalley Rd
74892021-07-019:47Water ProblemPower SecuredE3,C1270 Ella Grasso, Popeyes
74882021-06-309:37Odor of Smoke37 Leslie St
74862021-06-298:58EMS AssistIndustrial AccidentR4,E3,C16100D Neil Hagen Dr, Simmons Serta
74872021-06-2917:09Brush FireExtinguished E3,E5,C1160 Main St
74852021-06-2817:58Assist CitizenResidential LockoutE3,C119 Circle Dr
74832021-06-2723:20CO DetectorE3,C1134 South Center St
74822021-06-2720:07MVA91 S at Exit 42
74812021-06-2614:05MVARollover91 N at Exit 42
74802021-06-2517:13Fire AlarmSprinkler ProblemE3,T1,E5,S238,C1111 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
74792021-06-2415:55MVA Rollover91 N at Exit 42
74752021-06-2210:08Odor of Natural Gas47 Deborah Rd
74782021-06-2210:08HazmatDeisel SpillE3,E5,C11RT 75 at Spring St
74842021-06-2210:08HazmatDeisel SpillE3,E5,C11RT 75 at Spring St
74742021-06-216:07EMS AssistLift Assist21 Spring St, Apt A9
74772021-06-2121:14Gas Grill FireExtinguished E3,E5,C11449 Reed Ave
74762021-06-2111:18CO Detector37 Barbara Dr
74732021-06-2015:53Odor of Natural GasE3,T1,E5,C1347 Deborah Rd
74702021-06-194:25Assist CitizenLockout383 South Center, Ramada
74722021-06-1923:10Fire Alarm16 Ella Grasso Tpk, Doubletree
74712021-06-1922:01MVAVehicle SmokingE3,C1291S at Exit 40
74682021-06-188:01Smoke Investigation 12 Ella Grasso Tpke
74692021-06-1811:20Assist CitizenResidential LockoutE3,C1158 Sadler St
74652021-06-159:23HazmatPower Steering Fluid25 Heather Ln
74642021-06-156:21Fire Alarm110 Old County Rd
74672021-06-1517:45Fire Alarm118 Orchard Hill Rd
74662021-06-1511:47Tree and Wires Down412 Elm St
74632021-06-1312:01Natural Gas Leak523 Halfway House Rd
74622021-06-1216:03MVAFluids on GroundE3,C1091 N at 42 on Ramp
74612021-06-1021:01MVAMultiple CarsE3,R4,C1291 SB at Exit 40
74602021-06-1020:08Problem with StoveGas SecuredE3,T1,C1124 Ellis St
74592021-06-1017:39Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,C1325 Canal Bank Rd, Montgomery, Apt 424
74582021-06-0921:11Tree on CarE3,C11441 Woodland St
74562021-06-088:37Smoke AlarmFood on the StoveE3,E5,BIAFD E8,C1147 Oak St
74572021-06-0820:28Electrical Fire383 South Center St
74542021-06-073:39Smoke Investigation125 Old County Rd
74552021-06-0722:05Electrical FireOut on ArrivalE3,T1,E5,C113 Chirnside Rd, Ahlstrom
74532021-06-052:14Water ProblemWater Heater11 Concorde Way
74522021-06-047:07Fire Alarm28 Whiton St
74512021-06-0112:27Stove FireElectrical ProblemE3,T1,BIA-E8,C1299 River Rd
74502021-05-3114:08Fire Alarm266 Main St, Apt 219
74472021-05-3021:51Smoke Detector68 Main St
74462021-05-273:35Fire AlarmFalse Alarm14 Main St, Bickford's
74452021-05-269:41Fire AlarmFalse Alarm11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
74442021-05-269:15Smoke in BuildingOutside FireE3,T1,BIAFD E8,C1655 Grove St
74432021-05-2311:48Mulch FireExtinguishedE3,C13225 Ella Grasso Tpke, Springhill Suites
74422021-05-2022:53Fire AlarmPolice IncidentE3,C10149 Ella Grasso Tpke, Candlewood Suites
74412021-05-1913:34Fire AlarmFalse Alarm550 Old County Rd, Stonebook Village
74402021-05-190:58Mutual AidMVA ExtricationR4,C10Perimeter Rd at Fire Pit Rd
74392021-05-1417:15Outside FireExtinguished54 South St
74382021-05-1316:26MVAFluids on GroundE3,C11Main St at Oak St
74372021-05-1113:18CO Detector50 Chestnut St
74362021-05-099:34Assist CitizenLockout383 South Center St
74352021-05-099:13Mutual AidVehicle FireE391N at Exit 44
74342021-05-0713:54Fire Alarm100 Old County Circle, Fedex
74332021-05-0516:55Odor InvestigationLighting FixtureE3,T1,C1228 Main St, WL Public Library
74322021-05-046:41Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1111 Second St
74312021-05-0320:02Electrical IssuePower SecuredE3,C12144 Oak Ridge Dr
74302021-05-031:09Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C11120 Spring St
74282021-05-0121:14Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE312 Tinker Dr
74272021-05-0116:14Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE311 Creston Rd
74262021-04-3023:35MVA91N at Exit 44
74252021-04-3020:15Fire AlarmFalse Alarm7 Center St, WL Middle School
74242021-04-300:46MVAE3,C1391 N Exit 42 On-Ramp
74232021-04-2920:56MVAExtricationE3,E5,R4,C1291N at DC Bridge
74222021-04-2819:03Electrical ProblemBuilding Inspector NotifiedE3,T1,E5,C11125 Old County Rd
74212021-04-280:40Fire AlarmFalse Alarm8 Dibble Hollow
74202021-04-272:47Fire AlarmFalse Alarm 11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
74192021-04-2623:15CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3,C125 Acorn Dr
74182021-04-2514:32Mutual AidKitchen FireE3,T1,E5,C1,C12Bradley Airport, Sheraton
74172021-04-2423:04Outside FireExtinguishedE3,C11457 Elmwood Dr
74162021-04-2422:03Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE3,T1,E5,C11550 Old County Rd, Stonebook Village
74152021-04-2413:50Wires DownCable and Phone16 Seymour Rd
74142021-04-2411:06Electrical Odor4 Volunteer Dr, WLPD
74132021-04-2323:08Outside FireExtinguishedE3,C11422 Elm St
74122021-04-2318:29Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE3,C11129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Spare Time
74112021-04-228:35Fire Alarm16 Ella Grasso Tpk, Doubletree
74102021-04-1917:41MVACanceled EnrouteR4,C1691 S prior to DC Bridge
74092021-04-1719:22MVA91 SB
74082021-04-1714:57Brush Fire293 Green Manor Terrace
74042021-04-168:16Fire AlarmFalse Alarm124 Southwest Ave
74072021-04-1618:36Fire Alarm65 Ella Grasso, Homewood Suites
74062021-04-1617:17Wires Down15 James St
74052021-04-1613:41HazmatSewer Backup5 Fairview St
74032021-04-1523:46Transformer ExplosionNothing FoundE3,C11103 Spring St
74012021-04-1518:11Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C113 National Dr, Motel 6
74002021-04-1511:46Smoke InvestigationDryer VentE3,C11393 North St
73992021-04-1423:40Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1127 Merrigan Ln
74022021-04-1418:33EMS AssistLift Assist14 Main St, Bickford's
73982021-04-141:29Elevator Rescue64 Ella Grasso, LaQuinta Inn
73962021-04-138:24Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1,C12550 Spring St, Dattco
73972021-04-1310:08Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C112 Industrial Rd, WLPS
73952021-04-1222:17Smoke in BuildingOutside FireE3,T1,E5,C1156 Whiton St
73932021-04-107:37Structure FireWorking FireE3,T1,E2,E5,C13382 Green Manor Terrace
73942021-04-1012:06Fire Alarm11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
73922021-04-0918:57EMS AssistLift AssistR4,C1721 Spring St, Apt A9
73912021-04-0719:19CO DetectorFalse AlarmE3,C11184 Spring St
73902021-04-0710:35Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C11491 North St
73892021-04-0410:08CO Problem70 Oakridge Dr
73882021-04-0314:59Assist PDForcible EntryE325 Canal Bank Rd, Montgomery
73872021-03-3121:46CO ProblemPropane SecuredE3,T1,C1116 Volunteer Dr
73862021-03-3018:07Fire AlarmFalse Alarm70 Ella Grasso, Popeyes
73852021-03-3017:22Fire AlarmFalse Alarm70 Ella Grasso, Popeyes
73842021-03-2823:18Smoke in BuildingStove ProblemE3,C17169 Grove St
73832021-03-2717:35Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C1170 Ella Grasso, Popeyes
73812021-03-249:26HazmatVehicle Leaking GasE3,C11Exit 42 Off Ramp
73822021-03-2412:55Outside FireExtinguishedE3,C11Darien St at Andover Rd
73802021-03-2319:56Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1,S238,C1111 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
73772021-03-204:54MVA Fluids on GroundE3,C13Halfway House at Old County Rd
73782021-03-2013:09EMS AssistLeft AssistR4,C11124 Southwest Ave
73792021-03-2012:26Smoke in BuildingFood on StoveE3,C11125 Spring St
73712021-03-1521:03MVAInjuries91 N at Exit 42
73762021-03-1514:40Outside FireExtinguishedE3141 Sunset St
73732021-03-145:47EMS AssistLift Assist124 Southwest Ave, Apt W12
73752021-03-1418:50Fire AlarmFalse Alarm18 Merrigan Ln
73742021-03-1417:26Mulch FireExtinguishedE3279 Elm St, Bradley Apartments
73722021-03-1316:42Mutual AidBrush FireE5224 Kent Ave, Suffield
73702021-03-1216:06Vehicle Fire91 S at Exit 40
73692021-03-1119:08Outside FireExtinguished E3,C11Darien Dr
73672021-03-093:23Fire AlarmFalse Alarm295 Ella Grasso Tpke
73682021-03-0911:53Wires Down48 North Main St
73662021-03-0610:21Water Problem8 Jubrey Ln
73642021-03-058:57Fire AlarmFalse Alarm8 Jubrey Ln
73652021-03-0516:05Chimney FireExtinguished E3,T1,E5,C11505 Denslow St
73632021-03-0421:07MVAWires DownE3,C14332 Elm St
73622021-03-036:08Fire AlarmTransformer FireE3,T1,E5,S238,C1111 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
73612021-03-028:29Low Hanging WiresEversource NotifiedC10South Main St near DC Bridge
73602021-03-020:40Wires DownEversource Notified443 North St
73592021-03-020:27Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C11293 Ella Grasso Tpk, Iron Mountain
73582021-03-0121:07Fire AlarmTrouble AlarmE3,T1,C14124 Southwest Ave
73572021-02-2818:48Odor of BurningRange SecuredE3,T1,C1431 Ross Way
73562021-02-265:56Vehicle FireExtinguishedE3,C13Lawnacre Rd at Exit 42
73552021-02-2518:39Fire AlarmFalse Alarm 295 Ella Grasso Tpke
73542021-02-246:03Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E3,C1220 Main St, Ocean State Job Lot
73532021-02-2317:14Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,C12118 Orchard Hill Dr
73522021-02-2316:26Fire AlarmE3,T1,C11295 Ella Grasso Tpke
73512021-02-218:40CO DetectorE3430 North St
73502021-02-2110:24Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE3,T1600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
73492021-02-200:19Outside FireExtinguishedE3,C13326 Elm St
73482021-02-1921:36Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E3,T1,E5,C13295 Ella Grasso Tpke
73472021-02-1720:30Mutual AidBradley Int’l AirportT1,C16CT Army Guard
73462021-02-1620:40Fire Alarm334 Ella Grasso Tpke
73452021-02-1616:12Electrical Fire22 Grove St
73442021-02-1518:29Fire AlarmMalicious PullE3,T1,C13129 Ella Grasso, Spare Time
73432021-02-1418:18Smoke InvestigationFurnace ProblemE3,T1,E5,C1118 Jubrey Ln
73422021-02-1414:58Mutual AidSmoke in BuildingT114 North Road, East Windsor
73412021-02-1323:24Odor InvestigationElectrical Problem 65 Ella Grasso, Homewood Suites
73402021-02-1217:35Vehicle FireTractor TrailerE3,E5,C14RT 20W at RT 75
73392021-02-1119:32Assist EMSLift Assist21 Spring St, Apt A9
73382021-02-1111:46Assist EMSLift Assist21 Spring St, Apt A9
73372021-02-1022:21Vehicle Fire91 S at Exit 39/41
73362021-02-1019:52MVA Multiple InjuriesE3,R4,C13South Main St at Lawnacre Rd
73352021-02-1016:35Fire Alarm11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
73342021-02-1015:56Fire Alarm11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
73332021-02-0917:10HazmatHeating Oil SpillE3,R4,C1412 Pearl St
73322021-02-0722:34Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C14118 Orchard Hill Rd
73312021-02-0711:34Fire Alarm149 Ella Grasso, Candlewood Suites
73302021-02-0417:11Water ProblemCT Water NotifiedE5,C1166 Spring St
73292021-02-0311:07HazmatFluids on the Ground2 Volunteer Dr, WLFD
73282021-02-0310:46Vehicle Fire68 King Spring Rd
73272021-02-0119:50Mutual AidStation Standby89 Bridge St, Warehouse Point
73262021-01-2817:33Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C112 Loren Dr, Fairfield Inn
73252021-01-2813:40Low Hanging WiresCox NotifiedE5,C11349 South Elm St
73242021-01-2717:01Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,E3,C13279 Elm St
73232021-01-2617:01Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE5,T1,E3,C18246 Main St
73222021-01-2512:25Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE5,T1,S238,C1,C1111 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
73212021-01-2414:14Assist PDWater RescueE5,R4,C10CT River
73202021-01-2111:04Outside FireExtinguishedE5,C115 Ella Grasso Tpke
73192021-01-2021:20MVAFluids on GroundE5,R4,C11RT 75 at National Dr
73182021-01-1923:15Water ProblemWater SecuredE5,R4,C111 Concorde Way, B2
73172021-01-157:02Electrical ProblemSecuredE5,E3,BDL E8,C1118 North Main St
73162021-01-1418:57Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,E3,C111 South Main St, Memorial Hall
73142021-01-129:23Odor of PropaneE5,E3,C1159 King Spring Rd
73152021-01-1210:56CO DetectorFalse AlarmE5,E3,C1233 South Center St
73132021-01-061:23MVAFluids on GroundE5,C11RT 75 at Choice Rd
73122021-01-043:50Fire AlarmFalse Alarm11 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
73112021-01-0315:52Fire Alarm11 Grove St
73072021-01-023:39Fire AlarmFalse Alarm295 Ella Grasso Tpk
73102021-01-0222:19Fire Alarm185 Ella Grasso Tpk, Days Inn
73092021-01-0218:29Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,E3,C17225 Main St, Train Station
73082021-01-0211:35Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1116 Ella Grasso Tpk, Double Tree
73062021-01-0117:30EMS AssistLift AssistR421 Spring St