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2024 Service Calls

85152024-02-0606:51Odor of Natural Gas129 Montemerlo Ave
85142024-02-0219:52EMS AssistLift AssistE335 Stone Dr
85132024-01-2715:00Low Hanging Wire72 Webb St
85122024-01-2612:21Fire AlarmFalse Alarm65 Ella Grasso, Homewood Suites
85112024-01-2610:13HazmatGasoline Spill77 Ella Grasso, Pride
85102024-01-2500:07Odor Investigation330 Reed Ave
85092024-01-2419:43Smoke in Attic244 South Center St
85082024-01-2414:46Fire AlarmFalse Alarm16 Ella Grasso Tpk, Double Tree
85072024-01-2414:25Smoke Investigation361 South Center St
85062024-01-2214:55Odor of Natural GasCO Problem55 Grove St
85052024-01-2119:24Smoke DetectorFalse Alarm120 Spring St
85042024-01-2117:54Assist PDLift Assist404 Denslow St
85032024-01-2117:47Assist PDCanceled Enroute404 Denslow St
85022024-01-2016:20Fire AlarmFalse Alarm1 South Main St, Memorial Hall
85012024-01-1719:43Fire Alarm50 Chestnut St
85002024-01-1708:39CO DetectorFalse Alarm84 Woodcock Court
84992024-01-1615:41Fire AlarmFalse Alarm55 Grove St
84982024-01-1610:15Low Hanging WireEversource Notified8 Pine Hill Rd
84972024-01-1400:34Low Hanging Wire29 Church St
84962024-01-1315:34Mutual AidStation StandbySuffield Main Station, Mountain Rd
84952024-01-1221:25CO Detector7 Concorde Way, Unit A4
84942024-01-1219:03MVAFluids on GroundE8107 Ella Grasso
84932024-01-1218:42Fire Alarm129 Ella Grasso, Spare Time
84922024-01-1218:23Wires DownBurning, Eversource NotifiedElm Street at Old County Rd
84912024-01-1200:36Fire AlarmFalse Alarm55 Grove St
84902024-01-1012:11Wires Down23 Canon St
84892024-01-1011:31Wires DownSpring St at Jubrey Ln
84882024-01-1008:23Water in Basement207 Sutton Dr
84872024-01-1002:57Fire AlarmFalse Alarm55 Grove St
84862024-01-1001:09Fire Alarm5 Ella Grasso, Bradley Inn
84852024-01-0922:47Water Problem73 Old County Rd, Unit 2
84842024-01-0822:57Odor of Smoke309 South Elm St
84832024-01-0820:31Fire AlarmFalse Alarm37B Garry Rd
84822024-01-0714:55Wires DownAndover Rd and Darien Dr
84812024-01-0714:07Wires Down11 Garry Rd
84802024-01-0712:53Wires Down23 Canon St
84792024-01-0708:41Wires DownEversource Notified453 Litchfield Dr
84782024-01-0707:53Wires DownEversource Notified93 Circle Dr
84772024-01-0704:37Wires DownEversource Notified12 Midland Rd
84762024-01-0703:15Wires DownEversource NotifiedRiver Rd
84752024-01-0516:57Odor of Natural Gas7 Deborah Rd
84742024-01-0514:09Assist PDWell Being Check50 Smalley Rd
84732024-01-0110:44Mutual AidStation StandbyPoquonock Station, Windsor