2014 Service Calls

51562014-12-3122:27Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C115 Ella Grasso Tpk, Quality Inn
51552014-12-3012:52Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1164 Ella Grasso Tpk, La Quinta Inn
51542014-12-2913:22Fire/CO AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1112 Windwood Dr
51532014-12-2610:32Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1155 Grove St
51522014-12-257:55Smoke from Utility PoleCL&P NotifiedE5,C11203 Spring St
51512014-12-241:01Vehicle FireFully InvolvedE5,E2,C11RT 20, Old County Rd Off-Ramp
51502014-12-2315:54Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C11101 Ella Grasso Tpk, Ruby Tuesday
51492014-12-230:00Odor Investigation Nothing FoundE5,T1,C11421 Denslow St
51482014-12-2214:45Outside FireExtinguishedE5,C11RT 140 Bridge
51472014-12-2211:30Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,C13Family Dollar, Dexter Plaza
51462014-12-2116:54Mutual AidStation StandbyE6,C16Warehouse Point Station 138
51452014-12-219:05Mutual AidOdor Investigation T1Bradley Int'l Airport, Terminal A
51442014-12-2021:42Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1116 Ella Grasso Tpke, Doubletree
51432014-12-209:06EMS AssistLift AssistE5,C11134 Sunset St
51422014-12-1814:10Apartment FireOut on ArrivalE5,C11279 Elm St, Apt A2
51412014-12-1711:06Fire AlarmPower OutageE5, T1, C1221 Meg Way
51402014-12-177:33Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C1511 Schoephoester Rd, Teletheater
51392014-12-1513:17Structure FireWorking FireE5,T1,E6,C12200 Old County Circle
51382014-12-119:49Elevator RescueParty RescuedE5,R4,C1121 Spring St, Magnolia Place Apts
51372014-12-1022:24Structure FireKitchen FireE5,T1,E2,R4,C1113 Avon St
51362014-12-0912:55Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C117 Glendale Circle
51352014-12-0817:36Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE5,C1159 Stevens St
51342014-12-0811:52HazmatVehicle Leaking GasE5,C1,C1328 Main St, WL Public Library
51332014-12-0412:05Party in WaterRescued in EnfieldE5,C11CT River
51322014-12-0315:13Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE5,C12Halfway House Rd near 7-11
51312014-12-0310:30Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,E2,C1141 Oak St, WL Senior Center
51302014-12-0310:17Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1180 Webb St
51292014-12-0211:52CO DetectorFalse AlarmE59 Polk Ln
51282014-12-010:04Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C11129 Ella Grasso Tpk, Bradley Bowl
51272014-11-2910:47Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,C10Family Dollar, Dexter Plaza
51262014-11-299:09Smoke in BasementNothing FoundE5,R4,C1264 Belair Circle
51252014-11-2620:05Wires ArchingCL&P RespondedE5,C1125 Roberts St
51242014-11-2615:55Wires DownPhone / Cable WireE5,C119 Polk Ln
51232014-11-2614:16Tree on WiresCL&P RespondedE5,C1262 School St
51222014-11-2512:06Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C116 National Dr, FNBS
51212014-11-2215:51Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE5,T1,E2,C11600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
51202014-11-2212:26CO DetectorFalse AlarmE5,T1,C11216 Elmwood Dr
51192014-11-2112:06Fire AlarmElectrical ProblemE5,E2,T138, C1,C1226 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
51182014-11-2111:31Low Hanging WirePhone / Cable WireE5,C11Center St near Pesci Park
51172014-11-1915:15Vehicle FireExtinguishedE5,C1291 N Exit 44
51162014-11-188:16CO DetectorVentilatedE5,R4,C1113 Olive St
51152014-11-1714:43Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,E2,C1138 Ellis St
51142014-11-1617:59Electrical ProblemAppliance ProblemE5,E2,R4,C1112 North St
51132014-11-140:53Broken PipeWater in Basement R4,C114 North St
51122014-11-1312:22Smoke InvestigationNothing FoundE5,E6,C11South Main St at 91
51112014-11-0919:52Odor Investigation Nothing FoundE5,C114 Volunteer Dr
51102014-11-0818:53Fire Alarm293 Ella Grasso Tpk, Iron Mountain
51092014-11-0811:34Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,E6,C11Family Dollar, Dexter Plaza
51082014-11-0720:31Smoke from RoofFurnace ProblemE5,R4,E6,T138,C1720 Spring St, AT&T
51072014-11-0621:44Fire AlarmFire Extinguisher DischargeE5,C1055 Grove St
51062014-11-0519:47Assist PDForcible EntryE515 Fern St
51052014-11-049:35Outside FireE5, E6, C12Suffield St at Poplar
51042014-11-048:37Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C117 Center St, WL Middle School
51032014-11-0213:03Mulch FireExtinguishedE5, C15325 North St, North St. School
51022014-11-0210:58Pole FireCL&P RespondedE5, R4, UT1, C16Spring St near Blackboard
51012014-10-318:55Odor of Natural GasNothing FoundE5,R4,C1115 Glenbrook Dr
51002014-10-317:31Fire AlarmFalse AlarmR4,E10,C182 Industrial Rd, WMG
50992014-10-317:19Fire AlarmElectrical OdorE5,E6,E2,C117 Center St, WL Middle School
50982014-10-307:32Mutual AidStation StandbyE6Poquonock Station, Windsor
50972014-10-2616:53HazmatVehicle Leaking FluidsE5,R4,C10Dexter Plaza, Main St
50962014-10-2510:22Wire DownCox Cable NotifiedE5,C1239 Pershing Rd
50952014-10-2220:54Smoke in BuildingFood on the StoveE5,R4,E6,C1774 Main St, Apt C2
50942014-10-1913:32Outside FireExtinguishedE5,C1183 Green Manor Terrace
50932014-10-1813:56Fire AlarmE5,R4,C1718 Maple Ave
50922014-10-1719:44Outside FireExtinguishedE5, C17North Main St
50912014-10-1713:21Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,E2,C11225 Ella Grasso Tpke, Springhill Suites
50902014-10-1617:06Odor of SmokeNothing FoundE5,R4,E2,E6,T138,C112 Elm St, Ahlstrom
50892014-10-160:00Fire AlarmFalse Alarm195 Ella Grasso Tpke, McDonald's
50882014-10-160:00Fire AlarmFalse Alarm20 Jubrey Ln
50872014-10-1514:07Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C15495 North St
50862014-10-1415:52Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,R4,E2,C11185 Ella Grasso Tpk, Days Inn
50852014-10-1312:11CO DetectorFalse AlarmE5,C1351 Gaylord St
50842014-10-1213:54Mutual AidStructure FireE6384 South Main St, Suffield
50832014-10-110:00MVAExtrication RT 75 at McDonalds
50822014-10-0919:21Mutual AidStructure FireE6,C1490 Main St, Broad Brook
50812014-10-0819:46Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5, R4, E2, C1155 Grove St
50802014-10-0818:12Smoke InvestigationOutside FireE5,R4,E2,C12North Main St at Town Line Rd
50792014-10-0815:37Mutual AidStructure FireE6,C1427 Pleasant St, East Windsor
50782014-10-0813:53Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,E2,C11295 Ella Grasso Tpk, Winchester Indust.
50772014-10-062:04Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE535 Perimeter Rd, FAA Tower
50762014-10-0718:42Smoke in BuildingFood on the Stove E5,R4,E2,E6,T138,C1,C11Across from 42 West St
50752014-10-0716:48Vehicle FireWorking FireE5,R4,E6,C11Concorde Landing Bldg 1
50742014-10-0418:31Wire DownCL&P RespondedE5,R4,C11Spring St at West ST
50732014-10-0317:01HazmatFluids on GroundE5,C1291 N Exit 42 Off Ramp
50722014-09-2618:46Smoke InvestigationOutside FireE5,E6,C1210 Village Ln
50712014-09-2618:14HazmatFluids on GroundE5,R4,C12Main St at RT 140
50702014-09-2614:00Natural Gas LeakYankee Gas RespondedE5,R4,C1135 Center St
50692014-09-2516:57Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,R4,C1017 Smith St
50682014-09-225:06Fire AlarmE5,R4,C11129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Bradley Bowl
50672014-09-2111:22Mutual AidMVAE5,C16RT 20 at International Dr
50662014-09-2021:10Report of ExplosionFIreworks in WindsorE5,C10South Center St at 91
50652014-09-2014:21Wire DownGuide Wire E5,C114 Fairfield Dr
50642014-09-1820:13MVAFluids on GroundE5,C17Main St at Church St
50632014-09-1817:59Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,C1182 Andover Rd
50622014-09-1816:37Tree on WiresCL&P NotifiedE5,R4,C1153 Bristol Rd
50612014-09-1513:52Low Hanging WiresE5,C1,C124 Bel Air Circle
50602014-09-1218:04EMS AssistDriverC12Old County Rd at Harvest Ln
50592014-09-1119:14EMS AssistLift AssistE5,C115 Dibble Hollow Rd
50582014-09-1111:12Smoke AlarmConstruction E5,C1615 Sadler St
50572014-09-118:17EMS AssistLift AssistE5,C1,C115 Dibble Hollow Rd
50562014-09-1020:57CO ProblemE5,R4,C1182 Oak St
50552014-09-0914:38HazmatFluids on GroundE5,R4,C13Across from 9 Ledyard Rd
50542014-09-0913:29Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,R4, C1,C11600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
50532014-09-0823:54EMS AssistLift AssistE5, C125 Dibble Hollow Rd
50522014-09-0716:13Transformer ProblemCL&P NotifiedE5, C11262 South Center St
50512014-09-073:52Smoke in BuildingFood on the Stove E5,R4,E2,E6,C1234 Oak Ridge Dr
50502014-09-0618:32MVAFluids on GroundE5,C13North St at Suffield St
50492014-09-0616:57EMS AssistLift AssistE5,C11I24 Southwest Ave
50482014-09-0411:35HazmatFluids on GroundE5,R4,C11Spring St at Main St
50472014-09-0410:41Smoke from ChimneyFireplaceE5,R4,ENF15,C1124 Anthony St
50462014-09-0214:15Wires DownCL&P RespondedE5,R4,E2,C1,C11RT 75 at National Dr
50452014-08-318:03Fire AlarmBurnt ToastE5,C1322 Grove St, Apt 101
50442014-08-3020:54Outside FireExtinguishedE2,C1150 Grove St
50432014-08-3020:31Distressed BoaterParty RescuedE5,R4,C17CT River
50422014-08-302:00CO DetectorFalse Alarm97 Dibble Hollow Rs
50412014-08-2810:59Wires DownCOX Cable NotifiedE5,C115 Suffield St
50402014-08-2714:30MVAFluids on Ground E5,R4,C114 Suffield St
50392014-08-2615:36HazmatAnti-FreezeE5,C11North Main St at Ahern Ave
50382014-08-2518:02Smoke in BuildingGrill OutsideE5,R4,E2,C1150 Chestnut St
50372014-08-2514:10Investigation Good IntentE5,C11Cresdon Rd
50362014-08-2319:25HazmatPropane TankE5,R4,C113 Regina Dr
50352014-08-1614:35Vehicle FireExtinguishedE5,R4, C13Lawnacre Rd at 91
50342014-08-150:00Odor of Natural Gas3 Ridgewood Dr
50332014-08-1411:44Odor Investigation Nothing FoundE5,R4,C1154 Spring St
50322014-08-1313:47Wire DownE535 Circle Dr
50312014-08-1217:15Smoke AlarmFalse Alarm E5,R4,C134 Dibble Hollow Rd
50302014-08-1215:50HazmatGasoline SpillE5,R4,C1122 Glendale Circle
50292014-08-128:26Pole DownPower SecuredE5,C1252 South Elm St, St Roberts Church
50282014-08-116:40Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE5,C1519 Suffield St
50272014-08-097:52Vehicle FireOverheatE5,C15Suffield St at Circle Dr
50262014-08-0823:54Fire AlarmMalicious E5,R4,C11600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
50252014-08-0811:23CO DetectorFalse Alarm E5,R4,C126 Sadler St
50242014-08-0715:32HazmatAnti-Freeze SpillE5,R4,C11Green Manor at South Elm
50202014-08-038:38Smoke DetectorFood on the Stove E5,C1316 Hickory St
50192014-08-033:51HazmatPropane Tank535 Halfway House Rd, 7-11
50182014-08-022:00Fire AlarmFalse Alarm 495 North St
50172014-08-0119:42Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,R4,C15185 Ella Grasso Tpk, Days Inn
50162014-08-0114:57Fire AlarmFalse Alarm 495 North St
50152014-07-2819:08Tree on HouseBuilding Insp RespondedE5,C1163 Elm St
50142014-07-2811:21Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,R4,E2,T12,C1,C1165 Ella Grasso Tpke, Homewood Suites
50132014-07-285:55CO Detector12 Windwood Dr
50122014-07-2720:18Smoke Investigation Outside FireE5,R4,C12Third Street
50112014-07-2719:11Tree and Wires DownCL&P NotifiedE5,R4,C1,C1268 Cannon St
50102014-07-2622:14Fire AlarmSprinkler Problem E5,R4, E2, T138, C1126 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
50092014-07-2612:31Mulch FireExtinguishedE5,C1190 Main St, CVS
50082014-07-266:54Wires Arching22 Deborah Rd
50072014-07-262:04Fire AlarmCigarette SmokeE5,R4,C11383 S. Center St, Hillspoint Hotel
50062014-07-2522:05Wires BurningCL&P RespondedE5,R4,E2,C1025 Center St
50052014-07-2521:14Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C1720 Chestnut St
50042014-07-2414:11Mutual AidCancelled C11Bradley Airport
50032014-07-245:28CO Detector31 Glendale Circle
50022014-07-239:28HazmatGasoline SpillE5,R4,C11107 Ella Grasso Tpk, Mobile
50012014-07-2120:22Smoke Investigation Lawn Mower ExhaustE5,C17Suffield St at Main St
50002014-07-200:06Fire AlarmE5,C11111 Fox Hollow Dr
49992014-07-1910:32Outside FireExtinguishedE5, E2, C11440 North St
49982014-07-1922:04Smoke Investigation Outside FireE5, E2, C11Bristol Rd at Litchfield Dr
49972014-07-195:21Fire Alarm600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
49962014-07-1617:03Odor Investigation E5,R4,C1117 Ahern Ave
49952014-07-142:00500 North St, C&S Wholesale
49942014-07-1112:20Odor Investigation GasolineE5,R4,E2,C1240 Whiton St
49932014-07-111:59Odor Investigation 40 Thomas St
49922014-07-111:36Odor Investigation 555 Old County Rd, Honda
49912014-07-111:23Odor Investigation John St
49902014-07-1123:50Mutual AidStation StandbyE6, C16Suffield Main Station, Mountain Rd
49892014-07-0819:22Wire DownE5,C18Smalley Rd at Deborah Rd
49882014-07-0712:23CO DetectorFalse Alarm E5,R4,C1118 Ridgewood
49872014-07-0711:32Fire AlarmE5,C11129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Bradley Bowl
49862014-07-079:43Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,C167 Center St, WL Middle School
49852014-07-0616:13Grass FireExtinguishedE5,E6Old County Rd
49842014-07-0615:33Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5129 Ella Grasso Tpke, Bradley Bowl
49832014-07-0412:23CO DetectorFalse Alarm E5,R4, C136B1 Concorde Way
49822014-07-046:29Smoke Investigation Barn Fire in Suffield E5,C13RT 159
49812014-07-0321:15Trouble Alarm125 Old County Rd
49802014-07-0312:35Motorcycle FireFully Involved E5,R4,C1,C1291 S Exit 40-41
49792014-07-0217:48Tree on WiresCL&P NotifiedE5,C13Garry Rd at Bel Air Circle
49782014-07-0115:52Electrical ProblemCL&P RespondedE5,R4,C1116 Ross Way
49772014-06-3022:01Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,R4,E2,C17266 Main St, Countryside Apts
49762014-06-3015:56Outside FirePermitted BurnE5,C11S. Elm St, St. Robert's Church
49752014-06-294:01Smoke in BasementE5,R4,E2,T138,C1246 Oak Ridge Dr
49742014-06-2716:59Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,R4,T12,C1116 Ella Grasso Tpk, Doubletree
49732014-06-2513:37Odor Investigation Cleaning ChemicalE5,R4,C13270 Green Manor Terrace
49712014-06-2410:06Mulch FireSmoke in BuildingE5,E2,C1,C12149 Ella Grasso Tpk, Candlewood Suites
49702014-06-2212:03Wire DownE5Lynn Ln
49692014-06-216:43Fire AlarmBurnt ToastE5,T12,C13383 S. Center St, Hillspoint Hotel
49682014-06-1922:12InvestigationNothing FoundE5,C12287 Elm St, Bradley Apts
49672014-06-1711:31Smoke in BuildingAttic FanE2,R4,C12221 Spring St
49662014-06-1711:22Odor of Natural GasPropane TankE5,R4,C1130 Lownds Dr
49652014-06-1520:37Vehicle FireOverheatE5,C17Spring St at Center St
49642014-06-1422:15Outside FireOut on ArrivalE5,C17Dickerman Ave
49632014-06-148:41Fire Alarm58 South Elm St, WL High School
49622014-06-1017:25Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,R4,E2,T12,C1487 South St, South St School
49612014-06-106:52Fire AlarmOverheated MachineE5, E2, S238, T138, C1126 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
49602014-06-0910:15Fire AlarmFalse Alarm E5,R4,E2,C1155 Grove St
49592014-06-099:33HazmatState DOT NotifiedE5,C12RT 75 at RT 20
49582014-06-0811:26Car into BuildingNo DamageE5,C1190 Main St, CVS
49572014-06-078:37Assist PDVentilation309 South Elm St
49562014-06-0615:34Fire AlarmCigarette SmokeE5,C1155 Grove St
49552014-06-0411:29Odor of Natural GasLeaking Propane TanksE5,R4,E2,C1150 Chestnut St
49542014-06-0315:47Vehicle FireExtinguishedE5,R4,C13South Main St, Ahlstrom Lot
49532014-06-028:46Odor Investigation Cleaning ChemicalE5,R4,C1140-42 Main St, Apollo
49522014-06-013:05Fire AlarmCigarette SmokeE5,R455 Grove St
49512014-05-2910:44Bush on FireExtinguishedE5,R4,C1119 Helena Ln
49502014-05-288:30MVARollover E5,R4,E2,C1,C1291 N on DC Bridge
49492014-05-2721:35Fire AlarmMalicious PullE5,R4,C1011 Grove St
49482014-05-2715:34Outside FireExtinguishedE5,C1822 Glendale Circle
49472014-05-2714:28HazmatVehicle Leaking FluidsE5,R4,C12131 Old County Rd
49462014-05-2713:42HazmatVehicle Leaking FluidsE5,C11287 Elm St, Bradley Apts
49452014-05-2610:18CO Detector 422 Reed Ave
49442014-05-2413:27Wires Down347 North St
49432014-05-2414:01Dryer FireE5,R4,C12238 South Elm St
49422014-05-2323:06Smoke AlarmFalse AlarmE5,R4,C177 Maple Knoll
49412014-05-225:59Storage Trailer FireExtinguishedE5,E2,C1158 South Elm St, WL High School
49402014-05-2112:44Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,R4,T12,C1,C1258 South Elm St, WL High School
49392014-05-2018:36Gas Grill FireOut on ArrivalE5,R4,C1210 Tinker Dr
49382014-05-196:29MVA Fluids on GroundE5Old County Rd at Laurel Rd
49372014-05-193:32Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,E2,R45 Ella Grasso Tpk, Quality Inn
49362014-05-1718:54Elevator RescueParty RescuedE5,C1173 Old County Rd
49352014-05-1616:18MVA Fluids on GroundRT 75 at Wendy's
49342014-05-1514:20Water in BasementPumped OutR4,C1186 West St
49332014-05-158:44RV FireExtinguishedE5,E2,C11463 Denslow St
49322014-05-1015:42Odor of PropaneE5,R4,E2,C1191 Oak St
49312014-05-0811:00Assist PDMeteringE5,R4,C1,C11514 Denslow St
49302014-05-0722:01Possible COVentilatedE5,R4,E2,C1129 Chester Dr
49292014-05-0717:57HazmatDEEP RespondedE5,R4,C1090 Old County Rd
49282014-05-0613:34Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T12,C12383 S. Center St, Hillspoint Hotel
49272014-05-0610:47EMS AssistLift AssistC1186 West St
49262014-05-0222:18Outside FireExtinguishedE5,C17Hathaway and Ledyard
49252014-05-0218:23Odor of Natural GasGood IntentE5,T1,C15Main Street Near CVS
49242014-05-0212:46Odor of PropaneNothing FoundE5,E2,C1,C12412 Spring St
49232014-04-2918:53Smoke Investigation Furnace Problem E5,T1,R4,C12302 South Center St
49222014-04-2617:08Kitchen FireOut on ArrivalE5,T1,C1341 South Main St, Apt #2
49212014-04-2520:41Outside FireExtinguishedE5,C1113 Avon St
49202014-04-250:10CO Detector96 Michelle Dr
49192014-04-2411:46Brush FireExtinguishedE5,E2,E6,C1358 South Elm St, WL High School
49182014-04-2213:35Smoke in Building Burnt T-ShirtE5,T1,C1,C12250 Main St, CJ'S Custom Apparel
49172014-04-2118:19Structure FireWorking FireE5,T1,E2,E6,R4,C11224 South Elm St
49162014-04-2018:44Mulch FireOut on ArrivalE5,T1,E2,C1164 Ella Grasso Tpk, LaQuinta Inn
49152014-04-1919:06Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE5,T1,E2,C1116 Ella Grasso Tpk, Doubletree Hotel
49142014-04-1815:16Smoke Investigation In SuffieldRT 75 near Dairy Cream
49132014-04-180:58Mutual AidMultiple Trailers on FireE6,T1,C1,C10Elm St at Grove St, East Windsor
49122014-04-170:47Fire AlarmFalse Alarm129 Ella Grasso Tpk, Bradley Bowl
49112014-04-1518:14Wires ArchingCL&P NotifiedE5,C1162B Elm Corners
49102014-04-1514:42Wire DownPhone WireE5,C11Old County Rd
49092014-04-1417:38Fire AlarmE2,T1,E6,C1,C12185 Ella Grasso Tpk, Days Inn
49082014-04-1417:21Elevator RescueR4600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
49072014-04-1417:12Pole and Wires DownCL&P NotifiedE5,R4,C11Chirnside Rd
49062014-04-1413:52Fire AlarmSet off by DustE5,T1,C1111 Schoephoester Rd, Teletheater
49052014-04-1411:58Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE5,T1,C1112 Jackson St
49042014-04-1212:15Grass FireExtinguishedE5,E6,C1811 Mohawk Rd
49032014-04-1013:58Outside FireExtinguishedE5,E6,C1448 Gaylord St
49022014-04-0911:46Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,E2,C1211 Schoephoester Rd, Teletheater
49012014-04-0320:02Odor of Natural GasSewer Gas, WPCA NotifiedE5,T1,E2,C1116 Meg Way
49002014-04-0115:57Structure FireFully InvolvedE5,T1,E2,E5,R4,E10,C1127 Greenview Ln
48992014-03-3018:49Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,E6,E2,C1314 Main St, Bickford's Conv.
48982014-03-2810:12Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C12600 Spring St, Holiday Inn Express
48972014-03-2721:18Possible FireOut on ArrivalE5,T1,C1022 Grove St, Apt 305
48962014-03-277:17MVAFD Not NeededE5,R4,C1291S Exits 42-40
48942014-03-2618:40Tree on WiresCL&P NotifiedE580 Southwest Ave
48932014-03-2612:40Tree and Wires DownCL&P RespondedE5,C1255 Elm Corners
48912014-03-2521:53Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,E2,C10Hickory St at Suffield St
48902014-03-2315:37Vehicle FireFully InvolvedE5,E6,C1012 West St
48892014-03-2216:10Brush FireRT 20 W
48882014-03-2121:39Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,C1046 Mallard Court
48872014-03-207:12Possible FireElectrical ProblemE5,T1,C1,C11Across from 20 Anthony St
48862014-03-205:59CO DetectorNothing FoundE5,C11184 Spring St
48852014-03-1910:03Odor Investigation Ventilated E5,T1,C116 Maple Knoll
48842014-03-196:32Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C115858 South Elm St, WL High School
48832014-03-187:30MVAFluids on GroundE5,R4,C11Elm St at West St
48822014-03-1712:42Fire AlarmBurnt FoodE5,C12422 Spring St, Fleetmasters
48812014-03-1610:57Tractor Trailer FireOut on ArrivalE5,E2,C1191 N at Exit 42
48802014-03-167:01Fire AlarmWater ProblemE5,T1,C11171 Elm St, Apt C
48792014-03-165:59Mutual AidStation StandbyE6,C16Warehouse Point Station 138
48782014-03-1516:03Tree DownCL&P NotifiedE5,E2,C1125 South St
48772014-03-1510:58Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C11295 Ella Grasso Tpke
48762014-03-137:43Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1114 Main St, Bickford's Conv. Home
48752014-03-1116:38Mutual AidStation StandbyE6,C13Suffield Main Station, Mountain Rd
48742014-03-0718:44Outside FireE5,C11Halfway House Rd, Behind Mobile
48732014-03-0619:48Structure FireOut on ArrivalE5,T1,E2,C111 Concorde Landing, Apt 2
48722014-03-0612:35Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C1158 South Elm St, WL High School
48712014-03-0411:15Furnace ProblemE5,T1,E2,R4,C1149 Greenfield Dr
48702014-03-0411:00Fire AlarmGrill FireE5,T1,C1258 South Elm St, WL High School
48692014-03-042:38CO DetectorE593 Oakridge Dr
48682014-03-0212:42Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,E2,C1111 Concorde Way
48672014-03-016:37Smoke Investigation Steam from VentE5,T1,E2,C111 Concorde Landing
48662014-02-285:47Smoke in Building100 Old County Circle, Fedex
48652014-02-2719:56Odor of BurningAppliance ProblemE5,T1,E2,R4,C1111 Concorde Way
48642014-02-2615:13Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,C16445 Spring St, Ulitsch
48632014-02-265:38Odor Investigation VentilatedE5,T1,C12144 South Center St
48622014-02-257:15Assist PDMedicalE522 Grove St, Apt A107
48612014-02-2313:47Fire AlarmFood on the StoveE5,T1,E2,C1055 Grove St
48602014-02-2311:21Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,E2,C1120 Main St, Family Dollar
48592014-02-2214:53Odor Investigation E5,C1112 Fairfield Dr
48582014-02-1919:23Fire AlarmSprinkler ProblemE5,T1,C113 National Dr, Motel 6
48572014-02-198:44Fire Alarm False Alarm7 Center St, WL Middle School
48562014-02-198:01Assist HousingE5,R422 Grove St
48552014-02-197:48Water Problem18 Helena Ln
48542014-02-1817:09Fire Alarm False AlarmE5,T1,C11225 Ella Grasso Tpk, Springhill Suites
48532014-02-1622:33Water ProblemBroken PipeE5117 Oak Ridge Dr
48522014-02-1514:02Fire AlarmVentilatedE5,T1,C12383 South Center St, Hillspoint Hotel
48512014-02-1411:40Smoke DetectorFalse AlarmE5,C1311 South Main St, Apt D
48502014-02-133:55Fire Alarm500 North St, C&S Wholesale
48492014-02-120:48Smoke AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C11350 North St
48482014-02-1022:50Fire AlarmNothing FoundE5,T1,E2,C10130 Old County Circle, Fedex
48472014-02-1015:56Smoke in BasementFurnace ProblemE5,T1,E2,C1163 West St
48462014-02-089:37Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,E2,C115 Ellas Grasso Tpke, Quality Inn
48452014-02-077:19Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1158 South Elm St, WL High School
48442014-02-0614:35Low WiresCL&P NotifiedE5,C18Smaller Rd at Leslie St
48432014-02-0612:33Assist PDCancelled EnrouteE5,C11159 Old County Rd
48422014-02-0519:06Vehicle FireOut on ArrivalE5,C12310 North St, Coast to Coast
48412014-02-059:09Fire AlarmBurnt FoodE5,C1164 Ella Grasso Tpk, La Quinta Inn
48402014-02-0114:58Outside FireExtinguishedE5,E2,E6,C1114 Enfield St
48392014-01-3115:46Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE5,T1,C1126 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
48382014-01-3011:36Smoke InvestigationGood IntentE5,T1,E2,C11141 Spring St
48372014-01-307:44Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1311 Greenwood Rd
48362014-01-2917:51Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C1155 Dickerman Ave
48352014-01-2817:01Fire AlarmBroken SprinklerE5,T1,E6,C1126 Canal Bank Rd, Ahlstrom
48342014-01-2712:30Water ProblemWater SecuredE5,R4,C13325 South Center St
48332014-01-279:48Smoke in BuildingVentilatedE5,T1,E2,C1,C1116 Elsa Grass Tpk, Doubletree
48322014-01-278:07Smoke InvestigationGood IntentE5,T1,C1,C1219 Olive St
48312014-01-2618:57Vehicle FireMultiple VehiclesE5,E6,R4,E2,C1114 King Spring Rd, Chucks Auto
48302014-01-2413:39Outside FireExtinguishedE5,E2,C13259 Elm St
48292014-01-2216:12Smoke InvestigationFurnace ProblemE5,T1,E2,C1188-90 Center St
48282014-01-216:24CO Detector4 Arbor Ln
48272014-01-203:00Electrical Fire21 Roberts St
48262014-01-1622:31HazmatNothing FoundE5,C11Spring St, Valero
48252014-01-1518:42Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,E2,C1513 Quail Court
48242014-01-147:07Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T158 South Elm St, WL High School
48232014-01-098:12Water in BasementBroken PipeE5,C1,C1235 Suffield St
48222014-01-0818:58Odor of Natural GasYankee Gas RespondedE5,T1,E2,C11Oak St at Main St
48212014-01-0616:36Wires ArchingCL&P NotifiedE5,C1138 Cornwall Dr
48202014-01-0515:00Fire AlarmBroken Sprinkler PipeE5,T1,C1365 Ella Grasso Tpk, Homewood Suites
48192014-01-0221:36Fire AlarmFalse AlarmE5,T1,C112 Industrial Rd, Windsor Marketing